Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

home tips and tricks

Getting home maintenance projects done in your home can be a burden if you aren’t sure where to start and what to do. Keeping up with your home is essential to increase the quality and life of it, not to mention to save money too! Here are some ways that aren’t often thought of to make your home projects easier and more efficient:

  1. If your door slams shut and is too loud to ignore, you can place a couple of short beads of clear silicone caulk along the jamb (each of the two upright parts of a door frame, one of which the door is hung) at a few of the contact points. This will make the door shut softer. Keep the door open for a couple of hours after application, to let the bead of silicone dry completely.
  2. While doing work on the interior of your house, use stainless chalk to mark surfaces such as floors and walls. A white color will not stain, but blue and red will.
  3. With outdoor jobs such as digging sod, be sure to cut them into big chunks, not little squares. They should be able 3 to 4 inches thick. This makes placement and re rooting more effective.
  4. When installing a ceiling fan, many people may not know that there is a hook on most ceiling fan boxes that can hold the fan up near the ceiling as you are wiring it.
  5. For a temporary fix to dripping water due to a problem with a copper joint, put a ball of bread up the pipe to stop the stream of water. This will stop the dripping until you can get it permanently fixed.

Whether you are trying to get a home project done or if you just come across a small problem in your home, these tips are helpful to keep in mind so you don’t sweat the small stuff!

Why Philadelphia is Perfect For the Winter and Holiday Season

visit philly during the winter season

During the winter and holiday season, Center City Philadelphia becomes a winter wonderland filled with festive decorations, events and activities to be apart of! There are various reasons why Philadelphia is the place to be this time of year:

In December, Philadelphia is decorated with all sorts of colors, lights and decorations, making anywhere you go pleasantly beautiful. Rittenhouse Square’s holiday lights cast a cheerful shine on anyone nearby after it gets dark.

There are plenty of holiday shows to catch in the city during this season. In the Macy’s department store across from Philadelphia’s City Hall has a four story holiday sound and light show every two hours! Each show will feature the Wannamaker organ, which is known to be the largest playing pipe organ in the world with 28,677 pipes, wow!

Ice skating is always a fun winter activity to enjoy with friends and family. Head over to the Rothman Ice Rink set up in Dilworth Park in front of City Hall for a day or evening out gliding on the ice! And don’t worry, you are able to rent skates at the rink if you don’t have your own.

Let’s not forget about the traditional Philadelphia Mummers Parade on New Years Day. The parade is all day up Broad Street to City Hall from South Philadelphia with bands and costumed mummers. It’s a fun event to enjoy to start off the new year!

Judd Builder’s community Siena Place is located in South Philadelphia, just 17 minutes from Center City where you can enjoy all of these fun winter activities! Take your friends and family to see the winter wonderland of the beautiful city of Philadelphia and enjoy all of the festive and seasonal treats it has to offer.

Update Your Home with Master Bedroom Decorating Tips

master bedroom decorating ideas

Update your master bedroom with these simple styles and decorating tricks! Whether you are looking to increase the value and appeal of your master bedroom, moving into a new home or you just want a change, there are colors combinations, accent tips and more that will help get the room you desire!

The first style to choose from many is using a neutral look. Combining different neutral colors in pillows, accessories, linens and furniture will give your bedroom a rich and comfortable look that will last a long time.

Another unique style for a bedroom is having a color base and black accents. Your comforter, walls or pieces of furniture can be your favorite relaxing color and adding black in pillows, frames on the walls and even in some fabrics will add a bit of a dramatic and classy touch.

To keep it simple, using mainly white in the room and some lighter colors will have the room feeling clean and easy on the eyes.

Neutral greens make crisp white bedding and accessories stand out. Layered flooring with different rugs give the space different textures.

For a more modern feel, a classic palette of blue and yellow makes the room pop with different accents and patterns of each color. This combination definitely makes rooms feel fresh and bright and so much can be done with it.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Berks County

bear creek

Bear Creek Mountain Resort is hundreds of acres of beautiful scenery in Berks County, PA. Along with nature’s beauty, the resort has skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing in the winter and other activities including hiking, biking, fishing, boating, tennis and golf during spring and fall. The resort also offers delicious dining at The Grille at Bear Creek and the Trail’s End Cafe. If you would rather spend time relaxing, The Spa at Bear Creek is perfect for doing just that.

Enjoy the exciting winter activities of skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing this season! Bear Creek Mountain Resort is located just a short drive minutes from three of Judd Builder’s communities including Whispering Pines, Brookshire and Spring Ridge Crossing! Take a trip to the resort with children, other family members and friends to enjoy a great outdoor experience.

Bathroom Remodeling

BR remodel

Don’t know where to start with bathroom remodeling? There are endless bathroom looks to spark some ideas in order to increase the quality of the bathroom in your home to look more refreshing.

One step to fixing up the bathroom in your home is small doses of accent tile. Strategically placed decorative tiles around a bathtub or mirror give the bathroom a very elegant look without having to do too much.

Using bold neutral colors for your tiles and wall paint can make your bathroom look clean and crisp. Painting your walls a tan or beige paired with dark brown floor tiles and cabinets is the perfect contrast.

Surrounding your bathtub with tile can dress it up more. Placing any tile of choice around a plain white bathtub will give the area a decorative lift.

A very small makeover idea is to paint your cabinets. If you have mostly neutral colors in your bathroom, painting the cabinets a brighter color will make the room pop. If you have more color in your bathroom, painting it a richer neutral color will do the same thing.

Mixing and matching tile colors along with simple patterns can surprisingly work in a bathroom. Large diamond tiles of one neutral color can be used to cover the top part of a shower, with smaller square tile of another neutral color covering the bottom part of the shower, along with the rest of the room. The wall paint should be a similar color to the top shower tiles and it can all really come together.

Reopening of The Blue Cross Riverrink

bluecross riverrink

The Blue Cross Riverrink Philadelphia winter attraction is back in season starting November 27th! Blue Cross Riverrink takes ice skating to a whole new level being extremely large in size overlooking the Delaware River and converting into a beautiful winter wonderland atmosphere. As Penn’s Landing will be a transformed into a festive cold weather waterfront park, Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest is ultimately a cold-weather version of the summertime Spruce Street Harbor Park and warmer weather attractions held there.

The rink is open 7 days a week, including holidays, from November 27th to February 28th 2016. A lodge and winter garden with a heated tent, holiday decorated trees, fire pits and comfortable seating will also be available nearby.

Close to Judd Builder’s community Siena Place, this family friendly attraction is a perfect winter hangout to take your children and the rest of the family to! It’s great to be able to enjoy the seasonal wonders of the city of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Sport Complex


One of the great things about living in Philadelphia is being able to have easy access to the Philadelphia Sports Complex. All home games for the major Philadelphia sports teams including Phillies, Flyers, 76ers and Eagles are played within the complex.

Up until 1971, Philadelphia Sports teams were distributed all throughout the city. The Flyers did not yet have a home, the Eagles played on Franklin Field, the 76ers in the Civic Center and the Phllies in the Connie Mack Stadium. Gradually, the teams started moving to stadiums closer together until all home games were played at the intersection of Braod and Patterson streets in South Philadelphia and the area eventually became known as the existing home of Philadelphia Sports teams; The Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Who wouldn’t enjoy going to a game every now and then to spend your free time? Judd Builder’s community, Siena Place in South Philadelphia is located just 6 minutes from the complex! Sporting events in the Philadelphia Sports Complex are great to attend with your children, other family members and friends for some fun quality time in a laid back environment.

Other than the city’s major sports teams, the complex holds games of Temple Owls Football and select Villanova Wildcats Basketball Games as well as international soccer games, track and field, Army-Navy Football games and all-star games and tournaments.

Stylish Thanksgiving Table Settings

stylish thanksgiving table settings

Thanksgiving is just a week away and being a holiday all about food, the table setting is the first impression your guests get before the actual meal is served. There are creative, yet simple ways to make your table warm and welcoming for the people joining together for the holiday feast in your home.

Pumpkin and squash vases are an extra festive touch to decorations or table settings. You simply find the right sizes, cut off the tops and carve them out to place anything from fall flowers to cranberries for a beautiful centerpiece.

Another good use of fall nature for decor is pumpkin votive holders. Instead of using pumpkins for just jack-o-lanterns, they also make a luminous candle holder. Cut off the pumpkins top, pull out the materials inside and it’s ready for a candle to give off a soft light in your home.

Wishbone napkin charms are a perfect little addition to each individual place setting. Many follow the tradition of making a wish on the wishbone of the turkey, so putting it in the decor is very appropriate. Use fall colored napkins of your choice and tie wishbone charms with kitchen charms around the napkins.

Cork-board leaf trivets are a thanksgiving decoration that can be reused year after year. In hardly any time at all, anyone can make cork board leaf trivets to hold the food at the dinner table. Just trace a leaf design on a square piece of cork board with marker, place the pieces on a cutting board and cut the shape out with a cutting knife, then turn them over to show!

Pear place cards are a unique way for everyone to find their proper seat on this busy thanksgiving holiday and they are so easy! Find a small pear for each name card, cut the name card into a leaf shape to look apart of the pear, hole punch the name card and tie it on the pear stem with ribbon or twine.

Staging Your Home for Sale


The steps to preparing your home for sale are extremely important. You must make sure your home is appealing based on cleanliness and style, but many people can be unsure on where exactly to begin. You want to stage it correctly so your home will sell, and you can move into a new one. Here are some home staging tips in the correct order to get your old home perfectly ready:

  1. Getting rid of clutter is the most important task you can do to prepare your home for sale. Look around your home to determine what items you can live without. Too much furniture is the basis of a cluttered home because it makes the home look bigger. Take out any extra furniture, limited to only what is necessary.
  2. Furnish your space by placing furniture more away from your walls. Putting the furniture into comfortable groups will make rooms more inviting and also will make them appear larger.
  3. Good lighting can tremendously affect the look of a home. You want to make sure that you have the proper lighting to make the rooms in your home bright and vibrant. Up the wattage in your lamps to 100 watts for each 50 square feet. Each room should contain three sources of lighting including ambient (general or overhead), task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading) and accent (table and wall).
  4. Repainting a room a neutral color will make it look fresh, cozy and inviting. Your home will look brand new and ready for sale.
  5.  A good alternative to replacing full cabinets is only replacing the doors and drawer fronts, then paint it to match. This will save money and still make kitchen or bathroom areas look new and clean.

About Chestnut Hill


Located near Judd Builders’ beautiful community, The Reserve at Creekside, Chestnut Hill is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family strolling through the village of shops, dining and scenery! Chestnut Hill is an extremely family friendly area with tons to do all year round.

Shopping: Chestnut Hill is the ideal shopping destination equipped with various boutiques, independent galleries and more. More than 125 retailers occupy this area with lots of different things to shop for in a charming area!

Dining: Chestnut Hill offers endless options of foods in order to fit everyone’s liking.
Restaurants in Chestnut Hill have been recognized in top ten lists from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Food & Wine and GQ.

Attractions: Chestnut Hill offers attractions that appeal to both visitors and residents near by. It is an area of culture, nature and history with various places to go to including parks, museums and more to entertain all who come!