Melody Lakes Golf Course in Quakertown

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Melody Lakes Golf Course is located in Quakertown, PA; a perfect place for the residents of Judd Builders’ community, Renaissance at Morgan Creek to escape in a game of golf.

The course opens up to the public after 10 am and includes a creek for an extra challenge along with wide fairways lined with trees. Undulating greens are present throughout the course and there’s also a miniature golf course to occupy the children while the adults play on the main course.

A restaurant is on site so you won’t go hungry after you’re done playing!

Address: 1045 N. West End Blvd., Lot 600,Quakertown, PA 18951. 

Phone: 215-538-1191

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant


Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant is a popular place to go for a casual meal and award winning craft beer. The menu is a big crowd pleaser along with its extremely friendly environment and good service. Open daily for lunch and dinner and open in Ardmore in Montgomery County, the brewery provides a selection of different beers, some that are certainly brewed onsite!

The restaurant also has happy hours Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 pm where you can get discounts on select beer, wine, spirits and appetizers all available on their website.

They stay up to date with weekly promotions, events and upcoming beer releases so that there’s always a reason to go! Reserve a table online to ensure that you get the Iron Hill experience you want.

Address: 60 Greenfield Ave., Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
Phone: 610.228.2280

Philadelphia’s 9th Street Italian Market


One of America’s oldest and largest open air markets is located right in the city of Philadelphia. The Italian Market runs about 10 blocks on 9th street and because it’s so large, you can find just about anything there. Tons of vendors crowd the streets selling everything from fresh vegetables, meat, fish, spices, bakeries and more. Gourmet shops and delicious restaurants are located in between vendors or not far from them to stop by on your day out in the market.

The market has a strong Italian heritage, but over time endless options of food that have been added have transformed it into a very diverse market for everyone to find something they’ll love. Along with all the fresh produce at the market, various types of food are offered from Vietnamese, Mexican food, Korean barbecue, Chinese cuisines, and of course, Pat’s and Geno’s cheese steaks are in the same area for an authentic Philly cheese steak. Whatever you may choose to pick up from Philadelphia’s Italian Market, you will not leave disappointed.

Residents of Judd Builders’ community, Siena Place have the convenience of visiting The Italian Market in just a short trip to be able to experience the many different flavors throughout it.

Tech & Family Rooms: Technology vs. Family Focus

Family Room

It can be difficult to strike a good balance between technology and family-oriented activities within the home. For instance, should you allow a TV and video games in the family room? What boundaries can you set? Let’s go over some ways to incorporate technology into your home while still keeping it family-focused.

Sobering Statistics

Studies show that kids ages eight to 18 spend more than seven hours a day using entertainment media, which translates to more than 50 hours a week in front of a screen, says The Huffington Post. The more time kids spend in front of the computer and TV, the less time they’re outside getting fresh air and exercise, interacting with people, and maintaining friendships. The line between technology and family time is becoming an ever-widening gap for many reasons. According to Psychology Today, technology gives kids independence from their parents’ involvement in their social lives, resulting in a loss of connection between both parties.

So how can you close that gap and have a healthy blend of technology within your family room at home? A lot has to do with the physical set-up of the room. Rather than simply ban TVs, video games consoles and computers from the living room completely, set ground rules about their use. Perhaps your kids are allowed an hour of screen time a day, while you may increase that number to two or three on the weekends.

Instead of having electronics sprawled about the living room, it’s imperative to keep them all in one space, preferably hidden for when guests come over, or to set boundaries for daily electronics use. A great way to achieve this is through a custom made entertainment center that acts as a warehouse for all your AV equipment. Featuring hinged doors, you can easily shut the door on shelves containing TVs, video games, consoles, computers, and accessories. Such as entertainment center looks like a large decorative cabinet from the outside yet contains plenty of storage for all the technology in your house. Consider built-in storage bins, roll-out shelves, and adjustable drawer dividers to further compartmentalize your space.

Boost the Entertainment Value

One way to keep a family room just that – a FAMILY room – is to concentrate on interactive video games that allow the whole family to participate. However, you can take the family room concept further than simply a media room, to incorporate other levels of play. For instance, you can add a pool table, bumper pool table, card table, air hockey or foosball table to the room in an effort to expand the entertainment offerings. Now, it’s not just a room for either/or activities (i.e., just watching your kids play video games); rather, it’s a room that opens up the entertainment possibilities to include all interests.

Designated Spaces

By designating distinct spaces in your family room for each activity or member of the family, you can create various play zones where everyone can co-exist at once yet do what they want. For instance, a cubby containing a computer, printer and desk allows quiet time for homework, while a comfortable beanbag in a corner allows for a cozy reading nook. The TV area can be in another corner for those times when the kids want to play video games or you want to watch the big game. A three-quarter wall in another area of the room is perfect for little ones to play with stuffed animals and toys while the older ones play video games – again, separate yet together.

When incorporating technology into your family room, take everyone’s needs into consideration and craft a comfortable retreat that everyone feels at home in.

2016 Living Room Decorating Trends

The Wissahickon

2016 is far from being over, but there are definitely trends and patterns that have taken over interior design thus far. Here are some trends of this year, specifically in living rooms, that are seen as the best in getting that trendy design in your home:

  1. Gold is making more of an appearance this year than in the past. Many have found ways to place it in every room of their home in small details to add a touch of elegance. A gold chandelier, centerpiece, center table or a lamp can transform the style of the room into a more luxurious one.
  2. Patterns are constantly going in and out of style. For 2016, floral is the pattern trend of the year. With so many places to put it, floral patterns can add life and a pop of color to any room. Use it on wallpaper, pillows, rugs or even a couple pieces of furniture as an accent.
  3. On the opposing side, 2016 has shown popularity in bold, dramatic colors in living rooms. Black, strong grey and other dark colors are used for a dramatic living room. With the right amount of bold color in the right places, you can create an elegant, darker room without overdoing it.
  4. Another trend is pink and blue covering the living room. Each color provides a relaxing feel and you can even use different tones of both to create contrast in the room, while still matching all of your pieces.
  5. Textures is the final big trend of 2016. Going back to luxury, rugs, cushions and throw pillows of soft textures will bring a unique element to living rooms. Fur, satin, velvet and other rich textures can improve the appearance of a living room.

These are the trends of this year that will make your living room pop. Some are very different than others, giving you a variety to choose from when updating your living room. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch to the popular trends to make it one of a kind!

Bucks County Parks and Trails

tyler state park

Beautiful outdoor areas in Bucks County make perfect hiking, biking and walking trails, many of which most people might not know about. Here is a list of Bucks County’s top trails to visit when you’re in need of some quality fresh air and Mother Nature:

  1. Loop Trails along the Delaware River provide 5 different loops for you to bike or walk along whichever you please. You can walk around one loop or combine loops, take in the beautiful river views or explore the river towns along the way. All trails take you into both Pennsylvania and New Jersey using the bridges laying across the Delaware River. It’s a great way to explore the area and get your fix of exercise.
  2. Tyler State Park takes you deep within the forest with its multiple scenic trails to take a relaxing walk, bike or run through the park. There are even horseback riders that visit the 10.5 miles of paved trails. Tyler State Park has picnic tables and pavilions to have enjoy lunch by the open forest and water in the park.
  3. Delaware Canal State Park is a 60-mile long, more hidden trail that is perfect for running and was once the pathway of the canal between Easton and Bristol. This adds history to your journey as you travel on the pathway under the tall trees surrounding it.
  4. Peace Valley Park has a blacktop trail along Lake Galena suited for biking. You are truly deep within nature in this park where 250 species of birds have been spotted over time along with flowers all around the bike path. Picnic areas are available along with fishing and boating.
  5. Ringing Rocks Park is a good hiking trail where you can trek down to boulder field covered in rocks that ring when you hit them with a hammer. The park is 128 acres, giving plenty of space to explore the area. Make sure to find the country’s largest waterfall while your there, and afterwards have a picnic while you take in the scenery.

All of Bucks County’s finest parks and trails are located near Judd Builders’ community, Poet’s Walk. Take your family to one of the parks on a nice day to enjoy a picnic and a stroll through the outdoors together. Explore them all and experience each one’s unique beauty!

Dinner Party Tips

Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Evening Drinks Party

Whether you want to plan a party for the holidays, a birthday or just a get together to catch up with friends, it’s important to know the basic steps to party planning for you to stay organized and at least have an idea of where to begin your planning. Here is the guideline to hosting a successful dinner party:

1. Invitations are on the top of the list when it comes to party planning. Not everyone uses invitations with today’s technology, but they’re a great way to set a more formal tone for your dinner party if that’s what you want or simply just to make sure everyone gets the invite and for R.S.V.P purposes. Make sure your guests get their invitations no more than a week before the party so that you can plan accordingly.

2. Table setting can increase the attractiveness of your home as well as the meal itself. Low flowers are great for centerpieces to add a little something extra to the table. Candles, cocktail napkins and striped straws are also good little touches that will make a big difference. Set your table early so that it’s out of the way and if you realize your table isn’t big enough, get a folded table and cover it with a nice table cloth for the night; no one will even notice the difference.

3. Assigned seating isn’t for everyone, but it could help the process of sitting down once the food is ready quicker. It can also help the flow of conversation run smoother if people that have similar interests, or people that already know each other, sit together. Make place cards to go with the setting.

4. Music is an easy way to create a better atmosphere for your party. It prevents awkward silences and is nice background noise, kept at a low level. Create your own mix of music or throw on a radio station, depending on the occasion.

5. Hors d’oeuvres will give something for your guests to nibble on while they wait for the actual meal. A cheese plate, vegetables and bread are all great to place sporadically around the living and dining area to keep people from gathering in one spot.

6. For dinner, make sure you have asked your guests ahead of time if they have any allergies to make sure you don’t run into any problems at the party itself. Also, make the food you are comfortable with. This will make the process quicker and not to mention smoother if you’re making dishes you’ve already made before.

7. When it comes to drinks, wine and one signature cocktail is a good way to keep it simple, along with some choices of soda. If you have a favorite drink or if anyone offers to bring anything, add it to the list and place them in a separate area with glasses and ice as a small drink station for the party.

These are all helpful dinner party tips that a lot of hosts may overlook when planning a party. Keeping them in mind will keep you on track and organized so that your party is enjoyable for all of your guests, and yourself as well.

Hot Spots for Authentic Philly Cheese Steaks


Everyone’s familiar with the Philly cheese steak, they have a history, have become an icon and even a tourist draw for the City of Philadelphia. For those who are lucky enough to have unlimited access to the famous Philly cheese steaks as residents in the city, here are places that are the most highly recommended for the best cheese steaks:

1. Number one on the list from is John’s Roast Pork. They serve the finest, most authentic cheese steaks, located in South Philly. This crowd favorites secret is a crisp seeded roll to add some crunch to the juicy cheese steak. John’s Roast Pork received a James Beard Award for America’s Classics thanks to their popular sandwiches. Don’t forget to try their signature roast pork sandwich with rubbed and roasted pork simmered in its own gravy along with provolone cheese and sauteed spinach (if you’d like). Address: 14 Snyder Avenue.

2. Tony Luke’s is another South Philadelphia favorite to order and pick up an authentic Philly cheese steak from the street side window. Nothing on their menu will disappoint you, and it is all worth trying to get the real and full Philly experience. Address: 39 E. Oregon Avenue.

3. Pat’s King of Steaks is an original Philadelphia cheese steak spot. They weren’t wrong in calling it Pat’s King of Steaks, for its founder, Pat Olivieri, invented the steak sandwich in 1930. The family owned store in Philly has grown a lot since then, with recognition all over the world drawing everyone to try a Philly cheese steak. Address: 9th Street & Passyunk Avenue.

4. Geno’s Steaks is located right across the street from Pat’s as their competitor for more than 4 decades. Both stores are open 24/7 to satisfy any random cheese steak craving you may have at any time. Geno’s has been keeping up, serving amazing cheese steaks to all its loyal customers. Address: 1219 S. 9th Street.

5. At Jim’s Steaks, it’s not uncommon for there to be a long line of people out the door waiting to taste one of their memorable sandwiches. Get there at a good time to make sure you actually get a hold of a quality Jim’s cheese steak. Address: 400 South Street.

Judd Builders’ community Siena Place is located at the heart of Philadelphia’s most famous cheese steak spots. It’s a great treat to enjoy with your family whenever you please to experience the true taste of Philadelphia. 

Tops Restaurants of Bucks County This Year

bucks county 2016 restaurants

Bucks County has a lot of delicious restaurants to choose from that will exceed anyone’s expectations; it will make you hungry just reading about them! Here are the most popular restaurants of 2016 of all kinds that have everything from high quality food to exceptional service to good prices:

  1. Blue Moose Restaurant and Cafe has some high ratings and reviews raving about their service and especially their food. With a menu of wide variety, it’s easy to find something that catches your eye that will also please your taste buds. The atmosphere of the restaurant is inviting, comfortable and overall, friendly. They serve meals and appetizers from tasty butternut squash soup, gnocchi with pumpkin, braised pork shank, beet/goat cheese brûlée and much much more! Address: 9 West Mechanic St., New Hope, PA 18938​.
  2. Bowman’s Tavern is a wonderful local pub with a casual feel and great food from bar appetizers and delicious drinks to flavor packed meals. The restaurant always has talented live music at a comfortable volume that is enjoyable to listen to while you eat your meal and converse with your company. Bowman’s Tavern’s menu is simple favorites such as soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches with delicious flavors, seasonings and even a few signature twists. They also have fish and meat entrees along with a list of unique appetizers. Address: 1600 River Road, New Hope, PA 18938
  3. Vecchia Osteria provides high quality food and service for a great Italian experience. Everything served at this BYOB restaurant is authentic and handmade and of course, delicious. The scene here is very active and bustling, but pleasant, along with Italian food cooked to perfection. Address: 20 Richboro Road, Newtown, PA
  4. Honey Restaurant is a small plate, cozy feel restaurant in Doylestown that is well worth it for the flavor. The portions here are on the smaller side, but the food is a whole experience in itself. It is a must go to in the Bucks County area too good to pass up. Address: 42 Shewell Avenue, Doylestown, PA 18901.
  5. Oishi is different than the others on this list, but just as appetizing. It is a well known local restaurants that has many revisiting customers. The Japanese Thai and Korean menu is reasonable priced with a variety of scrumptious flavors in different types of meat, fish, sushi and rice dishes. The dinner bento box is highly recommended, with a meat or fish main entree of your choice, two sides, plus rice, miso soup, or salad, which all comes out to a good portioned meal for not a lot of money. They also have a bento box for lunch with different choices. Address: 2808 South Eagle Road, Newtown, PA.

These top 2016 restaurants of Bucks County are located near Judd Builders’ communities Poet’s Walk and Renaissance at Morgan Creek for easy access to a great meal with family or friends at any time.  

Best Hiking Trails Nearby

wissahickon valley park

Whether you want to get more exercise, clear your mind or just spend some time with family outside for a change, hiking is the perfect way to spend a day in the fresh air without too much effort. Here are the most popular trails in Montgomery County where you can begin your hiking experience:

  1. Wissahickon Valley Trail (pictured above) is known for it’s exceptional scenery to look at while you stroll through. Pretty enough for many couples to have had their engagement pictures there! It’s a quiet, big beautiful forest with great trails perfect for hikers, bikers, runners or walkers. Bring your family, friends or go on the trail for some alone time; it makes for a great afternoon trip! Address: Valley Green Rd At Wissahickon, Philadelphia, PA 19128. Phone number: (215) 247-0417
  2. Valley Forge National Historical Park is a big open park where you can walk through at your own pace or have the option of a guided tour to see the sights there. Whether you want to come for an educated tour on the history the park holds or just for a picnic on a nice day with friends and family, Valley Forge has it all. Address: 1400 N Outer Line Dr., King of Prussia, PA 19406. Phone number: (610) 783-1099
  3. Ridley Creek State Park is a good trail to try if you’re looking for a little challenge. This park has some hills for the dedicated runners and bikers out there, not to mention a place where meany people bring their families and pets, which gives it a very friendly environment. Address: 351 Gradyville Rd., Newtown Square, PA 19073.
  4. If you want to go for a quick run or hike or spend the whole day, Peace Valley Park has plenty to offer. It has great trails, picnic and barbecue areas, boat rentals and lots of parking!  It wasn’t named Peace Valley Park at random, this park is sincerely a peaceful place to visit. Address: 230 Creek Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901. Phone number: (215) 822-8608

All of these gorgeous parks are located near Judd Builders’ community, The Reserve at Creekside, some just 10 minutes away! Grab your friends and family for a chance to spend time together in what nature has to offer.