Organize Your Kitchen

Clutter in the kitchen is no fun. We use our kitchens daily, so keeping them tidy is a constant battle, and it’s so easy to accumulate things you don’t need. Sometimes you just have to get rid of some things to make your kitchen appear cleaner, and make it more efficient for you when prepping meals, serving them, and cleaning up afterwards. Have no fear, we’re here to help! Here are some tips for de-cluttering and organzing your kitchen:

First you have to decide what to keep, sell or donate, store, or toss? You’ll have to ask yourself – “When have I last used it?”

NEVER:  Toss it in the trash, or pile it in the donation pile.

WITHIN THE LAST YEAR: Toss or store it, depending on what it is. If it’s something you only use seasonally, then store it in a separate container and mark it (e.g. “Holiday Cooking Tools.”)

WITHIN THE LAST MONTH: Keep it, but find a place for it.

YESTERDAY: If you use these everyday, you’ll need to put these clean and within reach so there always ready when you need them

Next step, is to end the clutter…

SORT: Decide where the item goes – trash, donate pile, storage, or right back in the drawer or kitchen cabinet.

TOSS: Everything that’s in the trash pile goes bye-bye! If it has no use, then you need to get rid of it

ORGANIZE: Clean the spaces in your shelves, and fridge. Clear away dirt and crumbs. If items are dirty or dusty toss them in the dishwasher or hand clean so they can be returned to their proper place.

PUT AWAY: Put storage items away, donations go in donate pile, and everything else that’s left should be organized so that it can be easily accessible. This might include reorganizing the dishes a little or your silverware so that the items you need most are in front or are at eye-level.

Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

What makes a good neighbor and how can we be the best neighbor? Here are some ideas of ways we can be great to those we live around.

Be considerate. Notice the time of day and what others might be going through. Noise levels can be a huge issue with neighbors, especially late at night. Does the family next to you have small children that go to bed early? Then don’t blast your music super loud with the windows open at 11:00 p.m. Is there an elderly person who has a hard time getting around? Bring their mail up to their house on days with poor weather.

Notice who and what is around you. Is there a neighbor who has a hard time getting their trash out? Or maybe a young mother who needs twenty minutes to run to the store. Or what about that widower who doesn’t cook for himself and needs a nice, warm, home-cooked meal every once in a while. It doesn’t take too much time to be aware of those we live around and their simple needs. Take some time to help even just one neighbor out each week.

Yard work. There is always someone in the neighborhood who could use a little extra help in their yard. While you’re out raking your own leaves, why not rake the neighbor’s too? Or even just pull a few weeds for that busy family who doesn’t have time to get around to it for another week.

Simply say hello. A genuine smile and a “Hello! How are you today?” can go a long way. When you see your neighbors outside, just say hello. It’s such an easy thing to do and it shows that you are kind, friendly, and approachable.

Let’s all try to be the best neighbor. It will make life much more pleasant for everyone!

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4 Mementos to Keep from Your Childhood Home

Cute Teddy Bear In A Basket

So, you’re finally selling your old home and it’s tough to say goodbye to some of your childhood memories. What should you keep to remind you of those sweet years? What should you toss? These decisions can be very hard, especially if occurring at an especially emotional time such as after the death of a parent or a divorce. Here are a few items you should keep.

Letting Go

First off, it’s important to know what to let go of before you can really know what to hold onto. Ditch other people’s memories: the program from your brother’s college graduation, the favor from your best friend’s wedding, a pressed flower from your niece’s baptism. Houzz says you should release yourself from the burden of keeping other people’s memories.

Other things you should let go of:

  • Short-term mementos: These include birthday cards, event programs, invitations, holiday cards and birth announcements. Keep them tacked to a board, lined up on your mantel or on your fridge – for a short while. Then toss them. They should never make it into your memory boxes.
  • Free stuff: Everyone has a ton of freebies from attending trade shows, business events, conferences, workplace giveaways and wedding favors. Yes, they’re free, but no, they shouldn’t have a permanent place in your treasured mementos. Get rid of that votive candle marking your friend’s wedding date, that company paper weight and free key chains from your bank.
  • Inherited items: Your grandmother’s China or your great aunt’s cat figurine collection may remind you of those precious people who are long gone, but it’s time to think about WHY you’re keeping those items. Do you keep them because you actually need those items, or because you want to hold on to a memory? If you feel guilty about getting rid of inherited stuff, take a picture of it and jot down a memory on the back. This takes up far less room and is more meaningful anyway.

What to Keep

Here’s a handy checklist of what should stay with you on your move.

  1. Triumphs over adversity. Your college diploma that took you six years to get because you had to juggle work and kids…a photo from the top of that mountain you trained so hard to conquer…these are excellent things to keep because you’ll want to be reminded time and again of how you overcame that obstacle.
  2. Reminders of positive encounters. Your wedding day…the birth of your children…milestones along the way…basically, reminders of the BEST events, people, places and experiences of your whole life. No middle-of-the-road here.
  3. Representative samples – not the whole lot. That doesn’t mean you keep those 50 extra birth announcements or wedding programs. Keep ONE and toss the rest. End of story.
  4. Beloved items you can’t live without. Teddy bears with the eyes missing…weathered blankets…cherished toys and comfort items…your dad’s shirt that still holds his smell…keep those things that a simple photograph cannot capture: feelings and smells of a time gone by.

Aim for one box of treasured stuff. It should be small enough to carry from home to home and make it through various life events, yet always land in one piece. Memories are important…be sure to keep the sweetest ones.

Moving from your childhood home? Let Judd Builders help with the transition.

Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts Festival

Sunday September 25, 2016 (raindate October 2)
11 am to 5 pm

Each year Chestnut Hill welcomes Autumn with The Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts Festival.Everyone is invited to enjoy a day of art, music, culinary delights and boutique shopping as Germantown Avenue, between Willow Grove and Rex Avenues, is transformed into an outdoor arts and crafts marketplace.

The second annual ‘The Makers Village’ aims to celebrate both the beauty of a finished piece of art as well as the act of making it. The Village is located on East Southampton Avenue and sponsored by Gravers Lane Gallery.


Chestnut Hill will serve as a backdrop for more than 150 talented artists from throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and from as far away as New Mexico. A fabulous array of artistic choices will be on display including oils, watercolors, etchings, photography, sculpture, pottery, wood crafts, jewelry and accessories but that’s not all!

Germantown Avenue will be closed to all vehicular traffic as fine arts and crafts, live entertainment on two stages, exhibits, and children’s rides and activities, take place up and down thestreet between the 8000 and 8600 blocks of Germantown Avenue. Visitors can stroll the Avenue to view and purchase fine arts and crafts, enjoy live music or dine al fresco. Children can create their own works of art in sand or wood or choose a favorite ride in a special amusement park. Admission to the festival is free.

For a full schedule of events visit:

More than a Laundry Room: Smart Upgrades to Maximize Space

laundry roomYour laundry room is probably a pretty straightforward place, and let’s face it, probably a bit boring too. If you’re short on space throughout the rest of the home, there are ways to maximize space and give your existing laundry room a makeover so it pulls double duty. Here’s what you can do to upgrade your laundry room, from adding storage space to creating a craft corner.

 Next Stop: Folding Station!

Laundry rooms are typically short on space, but you can maximize what you have with a few smart additions. Rather than stuff clean, dry clothes in a basket and haul it upstairs to fold and put away, you could add a folding station right in the laundry room to cut out this hassle. Using 2x4s, construct a simple counter-height table over your front-loading washer and dryer units, extending it beyond the units as far as you can. You can then create under-counter storage for towels, detergent, and fabric softener, hiding it all with a fabric skirt, recommends Better Homes and Gardens.

Upcycle for Storage

Got an old entertainment center you’re not using? With the advent of flat screen TVs and wireless everything, you probably don’t need a big, bulky entertainment center like you used to. Re-purpose it with a new coat of paint and rearrange the shelves at different heights to create a compact laundry center. Here, you can store anything from laundry baskets to a lazy Susan stocked with detergent, fabric softener, stain removal sprays and bleach. You can even add a curtain rod to hang freshly ironed shirts, or a docking station for your smart phone.

Brighten the Space

If your laundry room is in the basement or within a small room with no windows, it’s time to brighten it up with a can of paint. Choose something sunny, like bright yellow, and get creative. Instead of painting the entire wall, paint halfway up with a scalloped edged to mimic a quaint fence.

Get Crafty

If you want your laundry room to double as a craft room, hang an over-the-door organizer for extra storage for things like tape, ribbon, gift bags and tissue paper. Re-purpose an old bedside table and use each drawer for displaying your fabric by color, as shown by HGTV. In other drawers, use empty egg cartons and tiered makeup holders for storing small items like buttons, tacks and brads. Hang a pegboard on one wall to hold your crafting supplies, such as scissors and ribbon.

Judd Builders is your top resource for getting creative with rooms in your home. We can help you transform your existing spaces into new ones that fit your life. Give us a call today to get more information!

Gorgeous Whitman Home Available now for Quick Move-In at Poet’s Walk



POET’S WALK • HOMESITE #36 • $779,785

Located at Poet’s Walk, our community of the month, this exquisite 2-story Whitman model features 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and 1 powder room. The gourmet kitchen has all of the features a professional cook would want, and includes the Gatehouse Series kitchen cabinets by Century Kitchen, GE® appliances – including a double oven, gas 4-burner cooktop, microwave oven, and dishwasher. There are also granite countertops in the kitchen and in the butler pantry. All of the plumbing fixtures and faucets in the home are Delta®.

The home also features a side entry 3-car garage,
conveniently  attached  mudroom, living-roomdining room, library with volume ceiling, 2-story family room with a 42” wide gas fireplace and an attached deck, and a 1st floor owner’s suite. The owner’s suite features a sitting room, two walk-in closets, and a spa-like bathroom that will win you over. Walk up to the 2nd floor and you will find a princess suite with a private bathroom, and Jack & Jill bathroom joining the other two bedrooms. The total
square footage of this home is 3,700.


Discover a life beyond the ordinary in beautiful Bucks County. A community of one-of-a-kind luxury homes, each with its own distinct personality and soul. Nestled in historic Ivyland, Bucks County, Poet’s Walk offers a peaceful retreat from the modern world – while providing easy access to the everyday conveniences you desire.

Call Brendan Boroski at 215.416.6621 to schedule an appointment to
tour this gorgeous Whitman home available now for quick move-in!
Visit to learn more!

Visitors on the Way? How to Prep Your Guestroom in a Snap

Hotel RoomMaybe your mom wants to come up for a visit with the family for a few days, or perhaps your friend from college and her family will be in town for a night and want to see you. Whatever the reason, you have guests coming and your spare room is a mess. Not to worry. Here are a few quick ways to get your guest room situated for them.

Take Inventory

First, assess the sleeping situation to make sure the bed will accommodate your guests and that you have enough blankets and pillows. Put fresh sheets on the bed, and leave spare pillows and blankets at the foot. Call your guests to inquire if anyone is allergic to down comforters. If the blankets, sheets and pillow cases have been collecting dust in your closet or under the bed, give them a wash before laying them out.

Assess the Convenience Level

Your guests will likely want to read or watch TV in bed, so ensure there is a bedside table with a working lamp. Leave a pitcher of water and some glasses on the night stand too. You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable wandering around your home in the middle of the night just because they have a parched throat. Leave a night light on in the hallway if you don’t have an attached bathroom. Make sure there are uncluttered and accessible outlets where your guests can recharge their phones, computers and other devices. Adjust the temperature of the room according to their preferences, but you may want to leave out a space heater or fan in case your guests get uncomfortable during the night.

Make it Homey

If your guest room is actually a spare room that acts as a play room, office and craft room, it’s time to make it more homey to welcome your visitors. You don’t want them to feel like an after thought. Clean out the room as well as the closet so they have a spot to put their things. This is for longer-stay guests of course. Add some scented candles, throw pillows, and a vase of fresh-cut flowers. You can even spritz the bed sheets with a lightly-scented linen spray, set out a basket of toiletries and fresh towels, and stock some magazines for their reading enjoyment, suggests Good Housekeeping.

Stock the Bathroom

Hopefully, the guest room has a bathroom attached. If not, you’ll just have to do a little more de-cluttering of the main bathroom. Clear a space for the guests to put their toiletries, then stock it with new toothbrushes and toothpaste. Add a plush robe, clean cotton towels and wash cloths, some special decorative soap, and small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, says Martha Stewart.

Don’t have a guest room? Looking to upgrade your living space to accommodate this handy feature? Let Judd Builders help you by suggesting some inspiring design ideas.

Gardening Ideas for the Fall!

As the weather becomes cooler and the leaves begin to change color, don’t put your gardening tools into hibernation just yet! Here are some best plants to keep your garden vibrant throughout the fall season:


Few plants can turn up the color in fall like garden mums. These autumn favorites ignite a landscape with a blaze of bright petals. In containers, plant garden mums as long as they’re available for sale. If you want garden mums to survive winter in the ground, get them planted as early in the season as possible.

Nothing adds color to fall settings like perky pansies. Pick up your favorite hues at a local garden center. Pansies hold their own in containers or planting beds. Look for trailing pansies for urns and hanging baskets. Violas resemble miniature pansies and suit smaller pots. Use tighter plant spacing for pansies because growth will be slow in cooler temperatures. If you want a full look in a container, you need to plant pansies closer.

ci_4-sakata-flwg-kale-edit-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-644Flowering Kale
Flowering cabbage and kale bring bright hues to the autumn landscape. These eye-catching plants combine beautifully with sweet alyssum, viola, nemesia and garden mums. Best of all, flowering cabbage and kale stand up to temps as low as 5°F and light snows.


‘Coral Charm’ Peony
Fall is the best time to plant peonies, and specialist growers ship bareroot tubers at this time. The trick with peonies is not to plant them too deeply. Just cover tubers with soil 2 inches deep. If you want to transplant existing peonies, fall is the time to do it.

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Lights, Camera, Action! New WFMZ Show Films at Whispering Pines Model Home

img_5367Judd Builders is very excited that the Cambridge model home at Whispering Pines was chosen to provide a lovely backdrop for filming the first 2 episodes of “The Wisdom Coalition,” a new show airing on WFMZ-TV-69. The program addresses important issues that women are facing today with a mission to create a community that helps women to flourish and find joy in their everyday lives.

The debut episode premiered last Monday, September 5 and discussed “how to survive and thrive after a crisis.” Tune in tonight, September 12 at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 69 WFMZ to view the second episode that will focus on the topic of women’s self-esteem and catch a glimpse of our gorgeous model home!

Learn more about “The Wisdom Coalition” by visiting:

Whispermodel-homeing Pines

Whispering Pines is a community of new luxury single-family homes in Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, PA. Surrounded by wooded sites, these two-story homes, priced from the mid $400’s, are beautiful inside and out! Standard features include 4-5 bedrooms, two and a half baths, three-car garages, and a luxurious owner’s suite. Located in the vibrant Lehigh Valley metro area, Whispering Pines is just 10 miles from Bethlehem and Allentown and 40 miles from Philadelphia. Just minutes from Route 309, I-78, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Whispering Pines is an easy drive to everywhere you want to go!

For more information about this spectacular community, please contact Brendan Boroski at 610.282.2511 or 215.416.6621 (cell) or visit


Gorgeous Cambridge Home Available now for Quick Move-In at Poet’s Walk

cambridgekitchenPOET’S WALK • HOMESITE #33 • $828,044
Located at Poet’s Walk, our community of the month, this exquisite 2-story Cambridge model features 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and 2 powder rooms. As soon as you enter the home, the elegant front entrance greets you with hardwood flooring from front to back.

The gourmet kitchen has all of the features a professional cook would want, and includesstairs the Gatehouse Series kitchen cabinets by Century Kitchen, GE® appliances – including a double oven, gas 4-burner cooktop, microwave oven, and dishwasher. There are also granite countertops in the kitchen and in the butler pantry. All of the plumbing fixtures and faucets in the home are Delta®.

living-roomThe home also features a 3-car garage, conveniently attached  mudroom, a living room, dining room, study, family room with a 42” wide gas fireplace, desk, and a morning room just off the kitchen. The owner’s suite features a sitting room, two walk-in closets, and a spa-like bathroom that will win you over. There’s also a princess suite with a walk-in closet and private bathroom, and a Jack & Jill bathroom joining the other two bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The total square footage of this home is 4,158.

Discover a life beyond the ordinary in beautiful Bucks County. A community of one-of-a-kind luxury homes, each with its own distinct personality and soul. Nestled in historic Ivyland, Bucks County, Poet’s Walk offers a peaceful retreat from the modern world – while providing easy access to the everyday conveniences you desire.

Call Brendan Boroski at 215.416.6621 to schedule an appointment to
tour this gorgeous Cambridge home available now for quick move-in!
Visit to learn more!