Be Prepared for Winter: Easy Home Winterization

With winter fast approaching, it’s important to begin winterizing your home. There is a lot to do to prepare your home for the colder months ahead, so get a jump start on the process and stay warm, cozy, and stress free this winter!

Clean Windows Before It Gets Too Cold
Window upkeep is important year round and should be done at least two times a year. Not only will your windows stay clean and clear, but while you’re cleaning you’ll figure out if any of your windows have cracks or drafts and be able to fix them before the winter season. However, if you don’t have time or feel up to the task you could easily hire a window cleaner. Just be sure to schedule before it gets too cold so there aren’t any freezing problems during the window cleaning process.

Clean Your Gutters
You’ll want to clean out your gutters before the winter arrives. Having clear gutters will ensure that water is properly drained away from your house. However, if they are clogged during the winter season they can freeze and cause additional blockages. These blockages can lead to rain or melting snow soak into your homes roof or foundation, causing unwanted damage.

Prune Trees Around the House
We’ve all seen the damage branches can do to a house, especially when they are covered by heavy snow or ice. So take extra precaution this winter and prune tree branches hanging close to your house. Make sure to get this out of the way before the weather gets too cold!

Cover Landscape and Outdoor Accessories
Easily forgotten, its essential to take care of your landscape and outdoor accessories before winter hits. Cover patio furniture if you have it and disconnect hoses so they don’t freeze. Also, if you have a deck, consider giving a new coat of sealer if it needs it. For more information on yard care before winter check out Fall Garden Care for more information!

Protect Pipes From Freezing
Burst pipes are extremely costly. However, there are many precautions you can take to protect your pipes from freezing and potentially bursting! It’s okay to turn the heat down when you leave the house, but don’t turn it down too much, the pipes need that heat to prevent from freezing. Another precaution is to insulate exposed pipe around the house. Go to your closest hardware store and buy rubber foam or fiberglass sleeves to insulate exposed pipes. Lastly, if there is a serious cold snap let your faucets drip. This can provide relief to your pipes.

Get a Roof Rake
Roofs can only withstand about four feet of fresh snow before it gets stressed. So if your expecting huge winter storms with a lot of snowfall buy a roof rake to help clear off snow from you roof! Check out these roof rakes at Home Depot.

Be Prepared For a Winter Storm
There’s always one storm that drops a huge amount of snow every winter. So be prepared this winter for a major snowstorm and follow these tips to stay safe before, during, and after a major snowstorm.

Find Your Perfect Home in Packer Park

Check out Siena Place, our beautiful, luxurious townhomes in South Philly, located in the Packer Park in South Philly.

You get the best of both worlds when you live in Siena Place. Being in such close proximity to the city, you can take advantage of everything South Philly has to offer. Be an integral part of the eclectic community here, boasting a true sense of style, history, charm and personality. Browse the boutiques on South Street or enjoy a romantic dinner cruise along the Delaware River, there is so much to do here at Siena Place. Here’s what our homes and the area have to offer new residents!

Features of Siena Place

Choose from a variety of floor plans at Siena Place, including the BRAND NEW Gianna, The Elena and The Bella! Each home design features spacious bedrooms, luxurious baths, state-of-the-art kitchens and private balconies. At Siena Place, you’ll be a part of a Homeowners Association, which is desirable for many people because it means you can enjoy a virtually maintenance-free lifestyle.

Townhomes at Siena Place start in the upper $400s, with luxury features including:

  • Private attached garages with driveways
  • Professional landscaping with shrubbery
  • Brick front exterior (varies per individual building elevations)
  • Virtually maintenance-free exterior
  • 9-foot first floor ceilings
  • Hardwood floor in foyer, kitchen, breakfast nook & powder room
  • Wall-to-wall decorator style carpeting
  • Easily-accessible laundry rooms
  • Spacious eat-in kitchens
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Granite kitchen countertops
  • Luxurious owner’s bath with double bowl marble vanity tops (most models)
  • Natural gas heat and central AC
  • Low maintenance Andersen® double pane insulated white vinyl windows with screens & grills

Area Attractions

Just three miles from Philadelphia International Airport, Packer Park puts you in close proximity to many entertainment venues, such as Adventure Aquarium, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Walnut Street Theatre, and the Kimmel Center. If you’re a sports fan, then you’re never very far from catching a great live game or hanging with friends to cheer on your favorite Philly teams. Historical and natural features include Independence National Historical Park, JFK Plaza (Love Park), Pennsylvania Convention Center, Washington Square, and Schuylkill River Park. There’s plenty to do in the area with families and friends when they come to visit, from museum to parks – you have everything within a short distance away.

Got a college student living with you? You’re not far from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat, you don’t have to go far to hit up Geno’s Steaks or Pat’s King of Steaks, Butcher & Singer, and Dante & Luigi’s to name a few.

Does living in Siena Place sound good to you? Learn more about Siena Place and how you can become a homeowner by calling sales manager Denise Homich from Judd Builders at 215-339-5390.

5 Can’t Kill Houseplants Perfect for Any Homeowner!

Anyone who has had houseplants knows that when you go on vacation, or just forget to water them for a few days, they can start to wilt and die. They quickly go from beautiful additions to your home to sad looking eyesores. To combat against dying plants and provide a natural feeling to your home, here are five lovely houseplants that don’t need daily attention to thrive.


Big or small, succulents are easy to take care of and can be extremely beautiful. All you have to do is plant them in a suitable pot with well-draining potting mix. Find a sunny spot for them to thrive and then let them be!


Otherwise known as Mother In-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant, Sansevieria is a great accent for any room. They also happen to be one of the easiest houseplants to own. Surviving wonderfully in low sunlight, you’ll only water them once every 10 days. Some Snake Plants can grow to be four feet tall, but they will most likely only grow to about 12 inches tall.

ZZ Plant

This plant is virtually invincible, only needing to be watered every two to three weeks, the ZZ plant functions well in all levels of light except intense direct sunlight. This houseplant takes a while to grow to its full height (approximately 20 inches tall on average). If you want a low commitment plant that will still look lovely even when you’ve forgotten to take care of it, the ZZ plant is for you.


The Philodendron, otherwise known as the pothos plant, is a common houseplant because it’s easy to take care of and quite beautiful. You can leave this plant anywhere that isn’t in direct sunlight, water it once a week, and you’ll have natural home décor to brag about for the next five plus years.


One of the more well known plants on our list, Aloe can also help your sunburn when it’s fully grown. It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing succulents as well. Aloe only needs to be watered every two weeks and should be placed in generally bright sunlight for it to thrive and be happy.

Tired of City Life? 5 Trails to Visit For a Change of Scenery

Living in the city can get pretty tiring from time to time. All the hustle and bustle can be a lot to handle. If you’re getting tired of city life there are easy ways to escape for a day or two. All you need to do is put on your hiking shoes and find a willing participant to join you on your endeavors. Here are five trails to visit to help you escape from city life by changing your scenery.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
Established in 1972, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is America’s first urban refuge. The main purpose of the refuge is to preserve the Tinicum Marsh and promote environmental education. However, there are multiple trails to walk and bike on and because the refuge protects a variety of habitats you’re bound to see wildlife all around. This trail is perfect for those who don’t want to travel too far from their home but still want to experience wonderful wildlife.

Wissahickon Valley Park
With over 50 miles of trails for walkers and bikers alike, Wissahickon Valley Park is a perfect place to visit to escape from city life for a couple of hours. With four different trails you won’t be able to fit everything in in one day! So spread it across a couple of weekends and keep exploring all that Wissahickon Valley Park has to offer! Also, if you aren’t into hiking don’t worry; there are other activities you can do! Enjoy a picnic or go fishing or biking, you can even bird watch!

Ridley Creek State Park
Encompassing more than 2,606 acres, Ridley Creek State Park has a lot to offer individuals who are trying to escape from city life for a couple of hours. It offers a lot more than hiking as well. Fishing, camping, horseback riding, biking, picnicking, and wildlife watching are some of the activities that you can enjoy at Ridley Creek State Park. Visit before it gets too cold to enjoy and take in the beautiful fall foliage!

Valley Forge National Historical Park
Discover all that Valley Forge National Park has to offer by walking their trails. However, you can also explore Valley Forge by going on a tour of the encampment. They even have activities and ranger programs for children, which is perfect for a fun-filled family weekend! Or you can visit Valley Forge when they have one of the many events they host! Check out their events calendar to see what’s happening!

Fort Washington State Park
On the smaller side, Fort Washington State Park is only 493 acres, but don’t ignore this awesome getaway. Like Ridley Creek State Park, Fort Washington State Park has a lot of activities to offer their visitors and they take good care of the park. Don’t feel like hiking or fishing? Then go disc golfing on their 9-hole course or get a ball game going with a group of friends and play 9 innings on the ball field!

Bonus: Glen Onoko Falls
Most of the trails on this list were fairly close to Philadelphia. However, this amazing trail is located further out in Jim Thorpe in the foot hills of the Poconos, about a 2 hour drive from the city. Glen Onoko Falls is only about three miles long, but it’s a challenging hiking trail for experience outdoor enthusiasts. Be sure to wear hiking boots rather than sneakers to keep you from slipping. Even though the trail might be harder to hike, it’s totally worth it. There are multiple waterfalls that will take your breath away.

The Best Interior Paint Colors

If you are considering painting the interior of your home, you may be wondering which colors would complement your style the best. The choices you make have a lot to do with what’s called “color psychology,” with the effects of color being both subtle and significant. Colors have both physical and psychological elements that can evoke certain feelings in people young and old.

No matter which room you’re painting, a good rule of thumb is to choose one color you like from surrounding artwork, rugs, dishes, throw pillows or accessories and make that your main color. Let’s explore which colors are ideal for each room, and why.

Living Room

Soft pink: Who says pink is only for powder rooms and baby girls’ rooms? Use a soft pink or blush on your walls in the living room, offset by deep browns and earth textures, suggests House Beautiful.

Baby blue: Likewise, baby blue works well in an azure-sky type of way. This is paired nicely with neptune-blue velvet upholstered sofas and thoughtful water color paintings.

Brown: Trimmed in bright white, brown doesn’t have to be dull when offset by artwork and low-key furniture that picks up its earthy subtleties. If you’re hesitant to use such a bold color choice, then maybe use it as an accent wall in one of your rooms! It can be a bit tricky to work with, but when it’s all done – it will really make a statement in your home.

Mint green: Wall colors should never saturate the room. Strong colors can be used in some instances where the style calls for it, but most living rooms should be a place of calm. That’s where light shades of green come in, which can evoke feelings of nature.

Dining Room

Emerald green: A regal color, emerald green can be paired with silver for a truly classy and elegant look. Try accents of hand blown glass, tall vases and silver goblets.

Deep red: Red is another regal color that can be best offset by tones of dark browns and other earth-rich hues. Red can evoke rich emotions in a room, so be sure to set the tone of the room with your accent pieces. Lighten up the space with bright white chairs, and add some sparkle with a chandelier as the focal point of the room!

Yellow: With its calming effects, pale yellow also pairs well with candlelight. Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, freshness, happiness and positivity, working best in light, airy dining rooms with lots of natural light.

One color to stay away from in dining rooms is blue. Marketing research tells us that people equate blue with rotting food, which is why you don’t see too many fast food and restaurant establishments using blue in their logo.


Soft taupe: Taupe is a warm, cozy color that pairs well with light greens, pinks, and blues. Soft hues make even the smallest spaces feel serene yet luxurious, says Better Homes and Gardens.

Ash gray: Coupled with the cool tones of granite and the hue-warming color of dark wood floors, ash gray with white trim can add lots of contrast to an otherwise typical bathroom.

Are you ready to upgrade your home with a new, fresh coat of paint? Which color are you going to select to fit your design style? Or, are you looking for a new home that you can make your very own? Call Judd Builders now to find your dream home in one of our many communities.

Spooktacular Halloween Party Themes

Halloween is just around the corner, which means there will be an abundance of candy trick-or-treaters, and you guessed it Halloween parties! Everyone has been to a typical Halloween costume party. Even though these parties are fun there is nothing unique about them. So instead of throwing a stereotypical costume party, here are some unique party themes that are sure to be frighteningly fun!

1. Black and White Theme
If you’d rather have a dinner party with your friends and neighbors than throw a full on bash, consider a black and white theme. Achieve this look by making all of your decor black and white. Think stark white plates on a black tablecloth with a spider web design, black candles in white holders, or even white and black pumpkins. Whatever you decide to do make sure to really stick with the theme and only use black and white. When it all comes together it will be an extremely chic look.

2. Monster Mash
Nothing screams Halloween like a monster mash! Use the popular Halloween song to your advantage and throw your own monster mash, which is the perfect theme for adults and kids. Get creative and adorn your house with monster like decorations and ask your guests to come dressed up as classic “monsters.”

3. Haunted House
Turning your home into a haunted house is a classic. Make every room a different haunted theme and go all out. If your running low on decoration ideas check out Pinterest, there are always an abundance of ideas to help you decorate.

4. Autumn Harvest Party
If you want to avoid a costume party you can always throw an autumn harvest party instead. This theme focuses more on fall decorations rather than Halloween. So get crafty with pumpkins and hay and stay true to the fall season by serving drinks and deserts that remind you of the season.

5. Murder Mystery
This theme is considered a classic, but murder mystery parties are hardly thrown nowadays. This idea takes a lot of creativity and imagination, but once you create the story and pinpoint your murderer your party will come together. If you decide to throw a murder mystery party make sure to tailor the invitations for each guest and make specific costume requests. Once your guests arrive announce the general plot and drop some clues throughout the party to help them solve the mystery! The interactivity throughout the night will be a big hit with your guests, making your party one to remember.

6. Frightening Flicks
Classic horror films are a staple of Halloween. Throw a party inspired by your favorite flicks and have your guests dress up as their favorite horror figure. Also, if you aren’t keen on throwing a big party this theme is perfect for you. Invite a close group of friends to create the ultimate list of horror films to watch throughout the night.

7. Heroes vs. Villains
Superheroes have been on the rise for quite some time. They have become some of the most popular costumes for kids and adults alike. So why not throw a superhero themed party? This theme is easy to create and also kid friendly! However, don’t forget about the villains! Every superhero is only as good as their villain; so don’t exclude your guests from dressing up as their favorite baddie!

8. Masquerade
Take a twist on the classic costume party and throw a masquerade party instead. In classic masquerade fashion, everyone should dress up and wear masks.

9. Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Alice in Wonderland
If you’re having a Halloween party that is strictly for kids think about having a Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Alice in Wonderland theme. The whimsical stories are kid friendly and have endless possibilities for decorating!

Fun Festivities Coming to Philly This October

Terror Behind the Walls
September 15 – November 4, 2017

Celebrate Halloween by visiting Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls. This abandoned prison is perfect for touring during the day, however, at night it transforms into a terrifying haunted attraction that is sure to scare you. For more information, click here.

The Glow in West Fairmount Park
October 6 – October 29, 2017

Enjoy a stroll through West Fairmont Park with over 5,000 hand-carved illuminated pumpkins each weekend till the end of the month. You’ll find a wind array of pumpkins with Philly icons, superheroes and princesses alike. For more information, click here.

Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens
October 7 – November 19, 2017

Longwood Garden’s annual Chrysanthemum Festival is open October 7th. Enjoy the color indoor grounds and take plenty of pictures of the Thousand Bloom Mum, which is the centerpiece of the show.

Philadelphia Film Festival
October 19 – October 29, 2017

The annual Philadelphia Film Festival is back! Enjoy a wonderfully crafted film line up, including multiple genres that range from feature-length films to animated movies, in venues around the city and be prepared for special guest appearances!

Harry Potter Festival
October 20 – October 21, 2017

Set to return October 20th, Chestnut Hill’s tremendously popular Harry Potter Festival will be back with popular events like potion making, a Quidditch Tournament, and much more!

Philly Free Streets Day
October 28, 2017

A big hit last year, Philly Free Streets Day is returning for it’s second year. Major roads will be closed to vehicular traffic throughout the city letting pedestrians roam free. So get ready to explore Philly traffic free!

Spooky Decor for Your Home

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll want to incorporate spooky and festive decor into your home entertaining. Living in one of Judd Builders beautiful communities, you have the opportunity to make your home shine this fall with a variety of decorations and themes. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Black Cat Pumpkins: Welcome trick-or-treaters to your door with a cute little litter of black cat pumpkins – no messy carving involved. This is a great project for you or even your kids or grandkids. Paint some small to medium pumpkins black, then add ears and whiskers crafted from black construction paper.

Garage Door Shadows: Add a neat look to your garage door’s exterior with adhesive black vinyl sheets that you easily remove when the season is over. From night scenes to bats to pumpkins and creatures, you can really get creative with these decals.

Skull & Bones: Get creepy inside your home! Purchase mini skulls from your local craft store along with fake spiders and bones (if available) and place them in varying sized vases. Arrange them on table tops or even your mantle for a spooky addition to your home.
















Source: House Beautiful

Glittery Gourds: For an indoor table scene, perhaps right by your entry way door, add some glittery, glamorous gourds and pumpkins. Choose pumpkins of varying sizes, make designs with glue (think spiders and spider webs), then sprinkle black glitter on top. You can even make black bats out of small pumpkins too and place them on your mantel or tabletop. Just paint them black and add black construction paper wings. Add googly eyes or paint them on with white paint.

Candy Corn Candles: Gather varying sizes of hurricane vases and candle holders, add thick orange pillared candles, then fill the rest halfway with candy corn all around. Voila, your porch or entryway is instantly transformed into a delight for trick-or-treaters.

 Pumpkin Display: Not all pumpkins need to be Jack-o-lanterns to be festive! Pick up some orange and white pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. Paint different patterns on them with black paint, such as a chevron print, stripes, or diamonds – whatever fits your style. Then place these pumpkins on candle holders of varying heights. You’ll have some height, texture and color to your Halloween display.

Spooky Mantel Scene: Place some black candle holders mixed with orange and white candles, add colorful pumpkins (orange and white), along with a Happy Halloween banner and you’re on your way to a classic and spooky mantel scene. Add string lights or a black spider web to add even more spook to your design. Check out some of these creative mantel scenes to get inspired.


















Source: Charmed, I’m Sure

Are you spending your first Halloween in a Judd Builders home? Looking to purchase? Contact us today for more information on the many communities we offer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Fun Festivities Coming to Flourtown This October

Scarecrow Walk at Morris Arboretum
October 7 – October 31, 2017

More than 30 scarecrows will be on display in Chestnut Hill as you walk along Oak Allee. Enjoy the scenery as well as the fall weather and vote for your favorite scarecrow display in hopes that they are among the top five prizewinners! For more information, click here.

Theatre Horizon Presents 2.5 Minute Ride
October 13-15, 19-23, 26-29, 2017

Don’t miss out on this wonderful show! Make sure to see 2.5 Minute Ride, a one-woman-show by Lisa Kron who is a three time Tony award winner for Broadway’s Fun Home. For more information and a synopsis of the show, click here.

Harry Potter Festival
October 20 – October 21, 2017

Set to return October 20th, Chestnut Hill’s tremendously popular Harry Potter Festival will be back with popular events like potion making, a Quidditch Tournament, and much more!

Red Herring
October 24 – November 19

Described as “a hilarious noir comedy about marriage and other explosive devices” Red Herring can’t be missed! Catch the show starting October 24th and enjoy watching the outrageous plot unravel! For more information about times and tickets, click here.

Ambler’s Farmers Market
May 6 – October 28, 2017

Pick up some fresh fruit and veggies at Ambler’s Farmers Market. Meet up with friends, family, and neighbors for a fun day out and if you have a pet, feel free to bring them along, as long as they are market friendly! For more information on the Amber’s Farmers Market, click here.

Halloween Parade & Extravaganza at Ambler Theater
October 28, 2017

From 11AM to 2PM enjoy trick or treating, pumpkin decorating, entertainment, and kid-friendly activities for the whole family. Go straight to the Ambler Theater, which is the pinnacle of activity and participate in the activities that are offered. Don’t forget to dress up in your costume! Prizes for best costume in various categories will be awarded throughout the day. For more information, click here.

Best Ways to Celebrate Fall in Lehigh Valley

Enjoy the cooler weather and all that autumn has to offer in the Lehigh Valley area. From apple picking and hiking to festivals and wine tours, we have you covered when it comes to getting out and enjoying the season. Here’s what’s going on in Lehigh Valley this fall.


Bethlehem Harvest Festival: The 12th annual Harvest Festival is free and it takes place on Main Street on Saturday, October 7th from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Enjoy beer and wine tastings, homemade soup samples, live music, and plenty of food and crafts. The kids will love the Harvest Festival Family Fun area. Come on down to Main Street between Broad and Church Street in downtown Bethlehem, but don’t forget to purchase your tickets in advance.

The Great Pocono Pumpkin Festival at Country Junction: Admission is free to this annual Lehighton PA Festival, but you can purchase extras such as rides, hayrides and food. It’s open every day starting in late September and runs till October 29th. You can pick pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, purchase fall plants, corn stocks and hay bales or explore The Country Junction general store. The kids will love the Family Corn Maze or the Ghost Ship, and for older kids who look for a fright – check out Fright Nites at the Waldorf Hotel.

Wine Tours

Grape Picking/Stomping Party at the Vineyard at Blue Mountain: Put on your gloves and get stomping as you help harvest grapes for the award-winning wines at Blue Mountain. You’ll also enjoy a wine tasting, lunch and ice cream, followed by some grape stomping a la “I Love Lucy.” Tickets are free but slots fill up fast. Continental breakfast starts at 9 a.m., with picking until 11:00, followed by the lunch and ice cream social at 1 p.m. Upcoming dates include October 7 and 8.

Apple Picking

Grim’s Greenhouse: Located on Schantz Rd. in Breinigsville,  PA, Grim’s Greenhouse offers hay ride tours, a Play Corral, hay slide, tube slide, and a basketball, football and baseball throw. Walk through our orchard with your family as you pick your very own apples to bake up a delicious apple pie. Or scour the fields for the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween. There are multiple attractions such as a corn maze, a sand pit and a bouncy ball track that will keep the kids busy. And don’t forget to hop on the hayride and get into the spirit of autumn.

Gogle Farms: Visit this locally owned and operated farm in Coplay, PA where you can pick your own pumpkins, apples and pears.


Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor: Spanning 165 miles, this pathway is ideal for walking, biking and hiking, as it has a relatively flat surface. It’s pet-friendly too. Check out landmarks like the George Taylor House and the National Canal Museum. There are a variety of different trail sections, including Black Diamond – White Haven which is completed and recently improved. Along the trail you’ll pass local ponds, bogs and towering trees as well as catching sight of plenty of wild life. Closer to Allentown, you can catch the Allentown –Bethlehem trail, which is about 3.9 miles long and provides a smooth biking and walking service. Find the right trail for you with this helpful map!

Wildlands Conservancy: Meander along these parks and trails that take you throughout Lehigh Valley. Check out the 77-acre Pool Wildlife Sanctuary and the Air Products Environmental Education Center. Hike the rugged trails, run in the open meadows, and stroll along the boardwalk along Little Lehigh Creek. Or you can join in on one of the many events and activities that are hosted by the Conservancy. They have bike & boat adventures, farm-to-table dinners, a Green Gala and guided hikes through Maple Tract and Thomas Darling preserves.

Need more reasons to live in Lehigh Valley? How about some of the best residential communities in Pennsylvania? Call Judd Builders today to view some of our most beautiful communities in the area, such as Brookshire located in Zionsville or Whispering Pines in Coopersburg.