9 Outdoor Activities for the Family!

With summer in full swing, you and your family should take advantage of the beautiful weather! Enjoy the outdoors with family fun activities that everyone will love. From fruit picking, to biking, to cheering on your favorite local sports team, there is something for everyone to enjoy the lovely summer weather!

Biking is always a great bonding activity for the whole family. If you have younger kids, you might want to start slow until the training wheels come off, but once they’ve got it down, take everyone to local routes. You could even collaborate with another family and enjoy the outdoor activities together!

Just like biking, hiking is also another great bonding activity that the whole family will enjoy. Again, if you have younger kids you might want to start out on an easy trail/hike. Also, don’t forget to invite other families to spread the fun or bring a picnic lunch/snacks to enjoy on the trail!

Mini Golf
Mini Golf has been a family favorite for years! Nothing is better than a little friendly competition between the family. The fun and wacky golf courses are always fun to navigate. You could even invite another family to come along and create a little competition.

Local Sports Events
You don’t need season tickets to enjoy a local sporting event! Get tickets to your family’s favorite home team and enjoy the game. Root, root, root for the home team all game long, whether it be a Phillies game, minor-league baseball game, or a local town sporting event! Or you can set up your own day, full of fun sporting events and get everyone in the neighborhood to join in the competition. No matter what you do, your and you family will enjoy the outdoor elements and tons of fun!

Frisbee Golf
Grab a Frisbee and find the closest Frisbee golf course and have a blast all day long! Frisbee golf takes throwing the Frisbee to the next level. However, if you don’t have a course nearby you can create your own! To create a course on your own, set up goals or targets to aim for. The best thing about this option is you can get really creative with your goals and up the difficulty when you’ve mastered the basics!

Fly a Kite
You’ll need a windy day for this activity, but flying a kite is a great outdoor activity for families. Not only is it beautiful to watch a kite fly, but it is also a great learning activity. You can bring along a blanket and lunch and have a nice little family picnic while you fly your kite!

There are plenty of places you and your family can volunteer around your neighborhood. Do some research and see if there are any outdoor volunteer opportunities that both kids and adults will enjoy. From outdoor gardening to a creek cleanup, there’s plenty of ways to contribute to your community as a family.

Plan a Treasure Hunt
If you want a really fun and creative outdoor activity, you could always plan a treasure hunt for your younger kids. Get a small gift or treasure to place in the treasure chest and hide it. The gift could be anything! A movie, a toy your kids have been eyeing up recently, or you could even make the gift a fun trip to their favorite ice cream shop or bakery! Once you have the treasure hidden, make a treasure map with hints so that your kids know how to find the buried treasure. When everything is done, hide the map where your kids will find it and let the fun unravel!

Go Fruit Picking
Find the closest farm where you can go fruit picking and pick your favorite in-season fruit to your hearts content. Enjoy the amazing summer weather while harvesting fruit with your family, and depending on what fruit you pick, you can easily make a dish or dessert out of your harvest!

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Most Photographic Places to Visit In Philly

There’s no doubt about it, Philly is one of the most photographic cities ever. It’s rich history and iconic locations make Philly the perfect model for photographers of any level. Whether you want to visit these places to take breathtaking photos or to take an instagram worthy post, here are seven of the most photographic places to visit in Philly.

1. Magic Gardens
Magic Gardens is a surefire place to capture amazing photos. This mosaic masterpiece was created by Isaiah Zager and stores plenty of hidden gems for visitors to find and explore during their visit.

2. Graffiti Pier
Known as Philly’s worst kept secret, Graffiti Pier is the perfect place for any urban explorer. This 500-foot abandoned pier has been tagged countless times, but it’s the electrifying colors that make this place so photographic.

3. Eastern State Penitentiary
Although some would feel uneasy visiting a penitentiary, Eastern State offers an unforgettable tour as well as photographic opportunities that you can’t miss out on. Visit the cell of Al Capone or the newly opened hospital wing. Just remember to bring your camera; you won’t be disappointed.

4. Race Street Pier
It’s virtually impossible to take a bad picture at Race Street Pier. Stop by and get creative with your camera. After you take the photos you want, you can always join the daily yoga class offered in the spring and summer.

5. Spruce Street Harbor Park (seasonal)
This pop-up park is picturesque day and night for photographers to capture undeniably photographic moments. From the colorful hammocks to the neon LED lighting there is a lot for photographers to capture. However, don’t forget to enjoy what Spruce Street Harbor Park has to offer while you’re there.

6. Elfreth’s Ally Museum
This well-preserved historical street is probably the most photographed street in Philadelphia. Quickly stop by and take your shot so you’re not the only one without a picture of Elfreth’s Ally Museum.

7. Independence Hall
You can’t get more historic than visiting the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Independence Hall is not only historic, but extremely photographic as well. However, there are a lot of places around Independence Hall that are just as historic and photographic. The Betsy Ross House, Carpenter’s Hall, and The Liberty Bell are all around the same area, so you can easily stop by all of them and take thousands of pictures.

Bonus: Valley Forge National Park
Although it is not located in the city, Valley Forge National Park is an amazing place to visit and take amazing landscape photographs. It’s also a great place to explore and escape the hustle and bustle of Philly.

Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to think about what to get your dad. Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right gift and sometimes you put so much thought into your gift that your forget the day is right around the corner! With Father’s Day this weekend, here are five great Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will definitely appreciate!

1. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker
Does you dad love coffee? This simple but effective gift is the perfect gift for any coffee-loving person. The HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker chills coffee to perfection without diluting your beverage. You don’t have to limit this gadget for just chilling coffee. Chill any sort of liquid from whiskey to wine or even water, perfect for the upcoming warm summer weather! Get this great gift along with a couple of bags of your dad’s favorite coffee beans and you’ll be set for Father’s Day!

2. Gift Box Subscription
Gift box subscriptions have been gaining popularity recently and are a great gift to give anyone. The best part about these subscriptions is that there is bound to be at least one for everyone. Do you have a nerdy dad who loves comics? There’s a box subscription for that. Does your dad love to try different grooming products? Then BirchboxMan is perfect for him! The options are endless! Do some research and find the perfect box subscription that your dad would love and you’ll have the perfect gift that lasts!

3. SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer
Does your father have a passion for golfing? Then, this is the perfect gift for him! The SKLZ Gold Flex Stength and Tempo Trainer is a great tool for any golfer to improve his swing. With this gift, your father will see great improvements on the green and his golf buddies will be sure to see the adjustments!

4. Fill-in-the-blank Dad Journal
This gift might be small, but the meaning behind it will make any dad beam with happiness! The Fill-in-the-blank Dad Journal is a little book that contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your dad is the number one dad. Complete each line and you’ll have a unique gift to give your father. This is a small gift that would pair well with another thoughtful gift, like some of your dad’s favorite things!

5. Tools
If your dad loves to build things, you can never go wrong with buying him the latest and greatest tool that he wants! However, you don’t want to buy the wrong tool, so do some research and try to figure out what your dad has been dying to have. Once you figure out, go to the closest hardware store that has it in stock or order it online and you’ll have the perfect Father’s Day gift to give this year!

Fun DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Summer is the season for enjoying the outdoors. Get ready for backyard parties, picnics, kid gatherings, and lounging and spruce up your backyard with some of these fun DIY projects!

Create a Cute Bird Feeder From a Wine Bottle
Have an empty wine bottle and wood lying around? Put it to good use and create a cute and mobile bird feeder with the repurposed materials! This project is extremely dashing and a great way to spruce up your backyard. Get the detailed instructions here and have fun building!

Get Colorful with Planters
Want a unique way to add color to a corner on your deck on somewhere in your backyard? Find cool containers/planters of all different sizes and materials and plant your favorite colorful flower! Items like old milk cans, metal buckets, watering cans, and chicken feeders are all great items to use as planters. Not only are they unique, but you’ll also be repurposing them as well. Also, the best part about this DIY is that you can go to fun flea markets to find these unique planters if you don’t have any on hand!

Create Your Own Mini Backyard Pond
If you’ve always wanted a pond in your backyard but never had the space, this is the DIY project for you! This chic deck-top pond is the perfect option for pond lovers who have always wanted a pond on their property. This miniature pond is made with cedar boards, plywood, and a fountain pump and a great eye-catching piece your guests will talk about! Get the tutorial here.

Craft an Old Tire into a Planter
Not a fan of using repurposed milk cans, buckets, and water cans as planters? No problem! Check out this fun DIY planter craft repurposed from an old tire. Wrapping the tire in sisal rope and adding legs gives this tire new life and makes it the perfect planter for a bunch of colorful and inviting flowers.

Make a Fairy Garden
Want a fun project to do with your kids that is also a great decoration for your backyard? Try building a fairy garden! You can get as creative as you want with this project and create the most beautiful miniature fairy garden ever. The best part about this DIY is that the possibilities are endless. Pick supplies to make your ideal fairy garden and build away. Also, don’t forget to tell you kids to keep a lookout for any magical visitors to the garden!

Treeless Tree House
Don’t have a tree in your backyard to build a treehouse? Build a treeless treehouse instead! This fun alternative is the perfect place for your kids to relax during the spring and summer months with their friends. It also acts as a perfect getaway if they’re looking for a quite place to relax and read a book or play a game! Get the tutorial here.

Make a Fun Birdbath
This project will bring color and fun to your backyard. The best part about this DIY is that your kids will love it as well! Building a birdbath is a creative project for everyone in the family to take on. First look on Pinterest for inspiration to find a style of birdbath that you like. Then, you can begin to build based off the birdbath DIY that you chose. Make sure to check out our Pinterest page! We absolutely loved this topsy-turvy birdbath design, which adds a pop of color and whimsy to any backyard!

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How to Take a Staycation

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer, and everyone is enjoying the fresh air! Everyone is also revving up and getting excited about their upcoming vacation plans! However, if you need some time off to rejuvenate, you could always take a staycation instead!

A staycation is the perfect option for those who need time to relax and get out of their usual routine, but don’t want to spend the cash on another luxury getaway. If you’re able to take time off from work, a staycation is a great option to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home! Also, make sure to spread out when you take your vacation and staycation! You don’t want to take them too close together so you can enjoy both throughout the year! Here are some tips to take the perfect staycation!

Make a Loose Plan
When you plan on taking a staycation, you’ll want to make a loose plan of what you want to do each day. You never want to wake up and think “What now? What do I do today?” Always have a plan for your at-home getaway. However, make sure you don’t overbook yourself and end up being exhausted! Staycations are all about relaxing at home, so make plans but find a nice balance of activities and relaxation!

Don’t Do Any Housework
Vacationing means you get to sit back and relax and hardly do any work, which also applies to a staycation as well. However, when people take staycations they tend to do housework when they are supposed to be relaxing! So before you take your staycation make sure to clean the house beforehand so you don’t end up doing any housework throughout your staycation.

Go Somewhere You Haven’t Been
Have you been eyeing up a restaurant that you have been dying to try? Do you want to explore a nearby town that you’ve heard wonderful things about? Get out and actually do it! Your staycation should disrupt your usual routine, so make a list of things or places you’ve been meaning to visit and choose a few to explore during your staycation.

Get Outside
It’s best not to stay inside during your whole staycation. Try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! If it’s winter maybe visit a local ski resort, or if its summer find a nearby hiking trail or enjoy any of your favorite outdoor activities!

Stay in Bed
Use your staycation as an excuse to stay in bed at least one time! Staying in bed is one of the best feelings. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s extremely relaxing as well! From sleeping in to devouring a recent best-selling novel, the options are endless when it comes to relaxing and staying in bed.

Binge A Series
If you’re a huge movie or TV buff, you could always binge watch a TV series or have a movie marathon during your staycation. If you’ve been dying to watch a popular series but you’ve never found the time to sit down and watch, now is the perfect time! The best part about binging a series during your staycation is that you can easily enjoy the movie or series with company as well! Invite your friends, family, or neighbors to join your on your staycation and enjoy your time off!

Vacation or staycation, both are just as fun and relaxing! No matter which one you prefer it’s always a great feeling to get out of your usual routine and enjoy some me-time. So take advantage of the warming weather and take a vacation at a luxury resort or a staycation at your own home!

Looking to move into a wonderful community with quality homes? Check out all of our planned communities and find the right one for you and your family! Whether you want to live in the heart of the city or in a quiet suburb, Judd Builders has got you covered! And if you have any questions feel free to contact us! We’d love to answer any questions you have.

Being the First Isn’t the Worst

Construction at The Reserve at Glen Loch

With many people preferring new homes to existing homes, you might be wondering if a new construction home is for you. New construction means exactly that, a brand new house that hasn’t been lived in before or homes purchased in the pre-construction phase. There is a lot of allure to new construction homes, which is why being the first person to build in a new planned community isn’t the worst, especially when you buy a new construction home from Judd Builders!

You Get Your Choice of Homesite
When you’re one of the first buyers in a new construction community, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of being able to choose the homesite you want your new construction house to sit on. Not only do you get to choose from some of the best lots available, but you can also pick which model home you want too, which is especially important if you are moving into a carriage or townhome community!

Better Pricing
Buying a new construction home during pre-sales or pre-construction is more beneficial due to better pricing. During pre-construction new home prices are generally less than they would be later on during construction and development. As construction progresses and later phases are released, prices may increase, which is why being one of the first people to buy in a brand new, new construction community is a better investment!

More Personal Attention From the Homebuilder
By being one of the first buyers of a new construction home in a new community you will also enjoy the perks of more personal attention from the homebuilder. Here at Judd, we want to make your dream home a reality. Whether it’s in our newest community The Reserve at Glen Loch or one of our other planned communities, we will build you a high quality home with an extremely high level of fit and finish. When you build a new construction home with Judd Builders, you will get the personal attention you deserve so that your dream house comes to fruition.

It Pays to Be the First
There are so many benefits to being one of the first buyers in a new community of new construction homes. From picking your homesite to getting personal attention from the homebuilder, you don’t want to miss out on these perks. However, you can also enjoy numerous other perks like: having a new home with design elements of today’s lifestyle demands (i.e. open concept floorplans, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and an owner’s suite with an attached owner’s bath.), living a virtually maintenance free lifestyle, moving into a house with your customized finishes, all the work is done for you with the best construction materials, and you get to enjoy that new house smell!

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12 Closet Organization Ideas You’ll Want to Use Immediately

Do you have trouble finding certain clothing items in your closet? Do you wish your closet was a little more organized? Follow some of the helpful closet organizing ideas below and get your closet in tip-top shape!

1. Use Coordinated Hangers
Coordinated hangers do the same job as other hangers. However, because they’re coordinated they make your closet look a lot more clean and organized! The best part, you can find a pack of coordinated hangers anywhere! From Target to IKEA, you won’t have any problem finding what you need!

2. Use Shelf Dividers
If you have a shelf in your closet, keep it organized with shelf dividers! Keep separate folded items, like sweaters and towels, divided using this handy tool.

3. Store Out-of-Season Clothes Elsewhere
Take your out-of-season clothes and store them away in containers. You can either place the containers up high on a shelf or under your bed. Not only will this open up more space in your closet, but it will also help your keep you closet organized throughout the year!

4. Get Rid of Unused Clothes
If you haven’t worn a particular piece of clothing in at least 12 months, it’s time to get rid of it! Don’t hang onto clothes that you never wear. It’ll just continue to take up much needed closet or drawer space. Either sell or donate your clothing and create more closet space for the clothes you absolutely love to wear.

5. Clean Your Closet While It’s Empty
While you’re going through your closet and cleaning things out, make sure to clean the actual closet itself when it’s empty!

6. Make Your Shoes Visible
Stop using cardboard shoeboxes as storage and opt for clear containers so your shoes are clearly visible. Using cardboard boxes makes it difficult to get to your shoes as well as figuring out where your favorite pair is! Skip the hassle and check out some of these translucent shoe containers from The Container Store!

7. Hang your Belts
Instead of storing belts in your drawer and taking up valuable space, buy a belt hanger and hang your belts! This will create more space in your drawers while taking up minimal space in your closet!

8. Inventory Your Clothes
When you’re organizing your closet, make a list of everything you have. Assess everything you have and see if anything needs to be replaced. Is your favorite pair of jeans worn out? Is your favorite cardigan looking overused? Get rid of it and see if you have something in your closet that can replace it. If not, go shopping to replace the staple item in your closet!

9. Use Drawer Dividers
When you’re organizing your closet, you’ll most likely be organizing your dresser drawers as well. To keep drawers in tip-top shape use drawer dividers to keep all your smaller items like socks, underwear, and delicates, separated! You’ll absolutely fall in love with your drawer dividers when you realize nothing is getting tangled anymore.

10. Place Like Items Together
Hanging your clothing in categories and subcategories will make it easier to find what you are looking for. Place all your blouses together, as well as pants, skirts, and dresses. Then, organize each category in subcategories, like long-sleeve and short sleeve or light colors and dark colors. Creating a system with your clothing will not only make it easier for you to find things, but keep it clean and organized as well!

11. Add Another Level of Shelves
Double up your closet space by adding another shelf or bar. Utilizing all the vertical and horizontal space will help you keep your closet clean and organized. Check out this great product to help you add another level in your closet!

12. Use Specialized Hangers
Not all hangers work for different types of clothing. Although you’ll want to invest in coordinating hangers, you should also buy hangers that hang specialized items, like these sleek hangers! These hangers make it easy to file away your dress pants, but also makes your dress pants easier to access.

Dog Etiquette 101

Do you have a cute furry friend that is a part of your family? Do you want your neighbors to love your dog as much as you love him or her? Be a responsible dog owner and follow some of these guidelines so you and your pup have a great reputation around the neighborhood!

Leash Your Pup
You might like to watch your pup run free however, your neighbors most likely won’t feel the same way, especially if your dog ends up in their yard. When you are walking through the neighborhood, it’s best practice to keep your dog on a leash. The ASPCA has also stated that when you walk your dog, keep the leash six feet or less on sidewalks and if there are joggers or active people on your path don’t use a retractable leash. If you really want to let your dog roam free consider an electric fence or finding a dog park near your neighborhood!

Know Thy Dog
Does your dog bark at the mailman or get overly excited when he or she sees a squirrel? Be a responsible dog owner and know your dog. If you dog has some issues with control, try to train out their bad habits. Take your pup’s negative reaction and train them to do something positive instead. For example, if your dog barks non-stop every time a guest arrives, train them to bring a toy to the guest instead so they won’t end up barking and jumping all over them. Just remember to replace a negative reaction into a positive one when training your dog! Also, if you’re walking your dog, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your pup on a tight leash and get ahead and avoid anything that makes your dog lose control.

Dog Meets Dog
If there are other dogs in the neighborhood or you meet other dogs on your daily walk, it’s always a good idea to introduce your dog to other dogs. Give your dogs a chance to familiarize themselves with each other. However, if your dog is on a leash, it is not an appropriate time for your dog to play. If your dog is jumping all over another dog, many dog owners will frown upon this interaction. Let your dog meet other dogs, but make sure they are well behaved and under control.

Keep Barking to a Minimal
Dogs bark. It’s in their nature. However, that doesn’t mean incessant barking is acceptable. A dog’s bark usually indicates that they want something or need more exercise or attention. So if the barking lasts more than one minute, then you should probably pay attention to them and figure out what they need. If they won’t stop barking then seek a professional to try to figure out what the problem might be.

Be Considerate When Introducing Your Pup
You might love dogs, but some people don’t feel comfortable around animals. It’s always best to be considerate when introducing your pup to other people or children. Always ask the other person if they are okay or if they are comfortable letting your dog say hi. Also, a greeting should never include your dog jumping on anyone. Try to train your dog to say hi in an acceptable manor that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Be Prepared
You pup is bound to go to the bathroom when you are on your walks. Make sure you are prepared. Nothing is worse when a neighbor finds someone else’s dog droppings are left in their yard. So make sure to be prepared to clean up after your pooch!

Looking for an amazing community to raise your family and furry friends in? Check out Judd Builders and all of our amazing communities! Feel free to contact us, we would love to answer any questions you have!

Seasonal Flowers to Plant

Spring has sprung and summer is upon us as we head into June! With the weather heating up, you’ll definitely want to spend more time outside. However, if your curb appeal is looking a little drab, there is an easy fix. Get out those gardening tools and get ready to plant! Planting vibrant and inviting seasonal flowers is an easy way to add life to your curb appeal. Here are eight seasonal flowers, perfect for the summer season!

1. Iris
This delicate flower is a great addition to your flowerbeds this season. Irises are easy to grow and come in a variety of colors! These tall flowers will add height to your beds, which will help you obtain a dynamic flowerbed. The classic bearded iris is the flower you want to plant in the summer. For more information on irises, click here.

2. Cranesbill Geranium
These flowers can grow up to 4 feet and will bloom for a long time, making it a great flower to plant for the season. The best part about these flowers is that they are drought resistant. So if it’s a rather dry summer, the Cranesbill Geranium will last.

3. Coreopsis
The Coreopsis flower is one of the easiest flowers to take care of and blooms for a long time. These flowers are perfect for the summer and even last through autumn. The bright yellow will definitely add a pop of color to your curb appeal. For tips on how to take care of Coreopsis flowers, click here.

4. Phlox
The Phlox flower is one of summer’s pleasures with their colorful and fragrant appeal. These easy to care for flowers produce large blooms in a multitude of colors including, white, pink, purple, red, and lavender. You’ll absolutely fall in love with the sweet scent and beauty of this summer flower.

5. Marigolds
Marigolds are easy to plant and easy to take care of, making it the optimal flower to plant and enjoy all season long. These flowers come in a few colors that you can choose from and will definitely add a pop of color wherever you plant them!

6. Peonies
Not only are peonies beautiful, they smell amazing as well. This popular flower has one of the most popular fragrances and the soft pink colors will definitely add beauty to your curb appeal. However, the best thing about peonies is that they can survive without proper care and in cool weather, but first you have to get them to blossom. Check out some of these tips!

7. Zinnia
Many people love the Zinnia flower because they are hearty flowers that can last in summer conditions. Whether its hot and sunny or gloomy and raining, these flowers will bloom. The best part, the Zinnia flower has a multitude of colors to choose from, which will definitely brighten you day and curb appeal!

8. Daisies
Most gardeners love daisies because they are easy to grow! This flower blooms all summer long and their brilliant white petals will add brightness to your curb appeal. These flowers are sure to create an inviting mood and make anyone walking by smile! For tips on how to grow daisies, click here.

9. Aster
Similar to daisies, the Aster flower will add a brilliant blue color to your flowerbeds! These lovely flowers bloom in bright colors and attract butterflies! They are also low maintenance, which is perfect for a first time gardener!

Whether you’re trying to brighten up your curb appeal or you’re giving gardening a go, planting flowers is a fun and easy outdoor activity anyone can enjoy! So grab your tools and pick your favorite flowers and have fun planting!

Sizzling Summer Fun in Philadelphia, PA

Get ready to set aside time and make plans with your friends and family all month long with these fun, upcoming events! From the splendid Broadway stage adaptation of Aladdin to the exciting Hand to Hand: A FringeArts Circus Festival, there is bound to be something that you and your family will enjoy! Check out these exciting events going on this June in the Philadelphia area!

Hand to Hand: A FringeArts Circus Festival
May 29th – June 3rd
If you want to see daring, high-flying circus acts, then you’ll want to go to the Hand to Hand: A FringeArts Circus Festival. This multi-day festival will feature jaw-dropping productions that you don’t want to miss out on! From aerial hoop performances to stunning acrobatics, this production will be one to remember!

Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show
June 1st – 3rd
As the nation’s oldest outdoor art show, the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show returns for its 90th year. The Rittenhouse Square area will fill up with amazing artists that range from professionals to students, and let them display their beautiful artwork to the crowds of people. For more information, click here.

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) 2018
June 1st – 10th
Also known as the Avenue of Arts, the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts will return to Broad street with collaborative and innovative performances. This ten day art-filled festival will included spectacular performances that you don’t want to miss, especially if you love the performing arts!

Philly Beer Week
June 1st – 10th
Philadelphia’s vibrant beer culture will take over the city once again for the 11th year in a row. For ten days, there will be events that range from tastings, lectures, and beer-paring dinners that you won’t want to miss out on! For more information, click here.

Center City District Sips
Every Wednesday June 6th – August 29th
Need a post-work/mid-week drink with all of your co-workers? Center City District Sips is back in full swing for the 15th summer in a row. This wildly popular happy hour will feature hard-to-beat happy hour specials every Wednesday evening at over 90 bars and restaurants in the downtown area!

Broadway Philadelphia Presents Aladdin
June 13th – July 1st
The shining, shimmering, splendid Broadway stage adaptation of Aladdin is set to hit Philly this June for a limited time. Performed by the touring cast of the Academy of Music, you’ll hear all your favorite Aladdin songs, as well as some new ones! You won’t want to miss this colorful, real-life adaptation. For more information, click here.

Manayunk Arts Festival
June 23rd – 24th
This two-day festival will showcase the beautiful work of hundreds of artists from around the nation. The Manayunk Arts Festival is Philadelphia’s largest outdoor arts festival, where attendees can purchase items from jewelry and ceramics to woodwork and sculptures.

Wawa Welcome America!
June 28th – July 4th
Wawa Welcome America is back to celebrate America’s birthday for the 26th year in a row. This multi-day event will consist of free activities for all ages, including outdoor concerts, museum days, a patriotic parade, block parties, and fireworks! For more information, click here.

Old City Eats
June through August 2018 (Thursdays only, Dates TBA)
You better start working up an appetite for when Old City Eats kicks off this June! From 5PM – 8PM every Thursday, participating restaurants and bars in Philadelphia’s Historic District will offer half-priced appetizers and drink specials. Grab a bite with your significant other or co-workers in America’s most historic square mile.

Don’t miss out on any of the fun this June and make sure you enjoy the events that Philadelphia has to offer! Or, if you’re looking for a beautiful home in South Philadelphia/Packer Park, look no further than Siena Place! This beautiful townhome community is perfect for families! If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you!