How to Get You and Your Child School Ready

The new school year can be a very stressful time for you and your child, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a multitude of things to consider and keep in mind to make the transition easier. Here are some tips to help you ease your way into the new school year and stay organized.

Update Medical Records
Many schools require and up-to-date medical record of your child. So it is imperative that you to get this done as soon as possible.

Set Up a Bedtime and Wake-up Time and Stick To It
This is a great way to get you and your kids used to the new school routine. Make sure to set up an appropriate bedtime and wake-up time and stick to it. You and your child will adjust accordingly.

Plan Healthy Lunches and Snacks Ahead of Time
One of the easiest ways to stay organized throughout the school year is to pack lunches ahead of time. Know what you’ll need for the week and pack ahead of time. Not only will this save you time, but it’ll make your day less stressful.

Keep a Family Calendar
Keeping a calendar full of upcoming events will make your life easier. With the school year approaching, there will be plenty of events and meetings to attend. Make sure you don’t miss any of the action by always being prepared!

Establish Limits and Clear Rules for Behavior
Depending on your child’s age, it’s always good to establish certain rules and standards about their behavior. Hold them accountable for having their homework done and doing their chores around the house. It is good to set these standards now so they know what is expected of them.

Grant Your Child a Degree of Freedom
It is absolutely essential to grant children a degree of freedom when making their own decisions. This can help them become better adept at dealing with their fears and other emotions. Let them choose what clubs or activities they want to be involved in or what sport or instrument they want to play. No matter what, they will be gaining great personal skills that they can use in the future.

Set Goals For The School Year — Other Than Good Grades
Every parent wants to see their child get good grades, but set other goals for your children to achieve throughout the school year. This will prepare your child and kick start their successful school year. However, don’t get too carried away and create too many goals for your child you don’t want them to get too stressed out!

Colonial School District Hosts One of Pennsylvania’s Premier High Schools

Colonial School District hosts one of Pennsylvania’s premier high schools, according to a new study. Local school, Plymouth Whitemarsh, now ranked among the top 3.5 percent of high schools in Pennsylvania and the top 5.5 percent in the nation according to the annual rankings released by US News & World Report. The magazine rates PWHS 24th in Pennsylvania among 602 public and 74 Charter schools. 

Sneak Peak of Plymouth WhiteMarsh HighSchool’s New Cafeteria


A brand new cafeteria has been added to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School that held an open house celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday afternoon, March 4th. Before this centralized cafeteria, the high school had two separate cafeterias running independently.

The cafeteria operates more like a food court to give students more options on the menu and to eliminate long cafeteria lines. There’s also electronic device charging stations on the walls by many seats. Before the new cafeteria, lunches were schedules based on where students classes were at the time of lunch in order for them to avoid walking across the entire building to get there. Now it is a large, centralized and easily accessible cafeteria that can hold about 600 students during each lunch period.

In the future, the west end cafeteria will become a training and fitness center that will hold physical education classes. The east end cafeteria will be used as an open utility space. An outdoor space will also be available for students during lunch

Plymouth Whitemarsh High Schools new cafeteria is definitely an innovative addition to the school. It was added to add more organization to lunches and the rest of the school as well as update the surroundings. Now it’s up and running for the students and faculty to enjoy!

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School is located near the community, The Reserve at Creekside. The high school provides a great education to kids in the Montgomery County area and strives to do what’s best for the school and students, including with renovations like these!

Southern Lehigh School District

southern lehigh school

Southern Lehigh School District is a high quality district located in the same area as one of Judd Builders’ communities, Whispering Pines! It is in Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania and has 3,121 students attending 6 schools from grades K-12.

86% of students in Southern Lehigh School District are proficient in math and/or reading based on state standards. This district has an exceptional graduation rate of 91% compared to the national average of 82.2%. Southern Lehigh School District has seen great educational outcomes from their students. The average SAT scores from this district are also above the national average at 1790 as well as above the national average for ACT scores at 27.

A lot of positive reviews have been written about the district. Many residents have expressed their liking of the high school, talking about the wide variety of extracurricular activities, caring teachers who want students to succeed with an advanced level of education as well as the class variety with the opportunity for students to take honors and AP courses to prepare them for college.

East Penn Seen As A Highly Efficient School District

Students filling out answer sheets at exam

East Penn School District has ranked near the top on the list of schools with a higher return on investment, according to a survey conducted by Center For American Progress. The survey has shown that a lot of American public schools produce underachieving students even though the spending of U.S. schools has increased enormously.

East Penn; however, is considered to be a high-achieving, low-spending school in comparison with other schools across the country. This ensures taxpayers and parents that the money at East Penn is being spent wisely on their students.

Compared to local school districts by CAP, East Penn is ranked right under Parkland and above Southern Lehigh as top area performing districts.

East Penn is located near of one of Judd Builders’ communities, Spring Ridge Crossing. There are great schools for your children to receive a great education in this beautiful area!

Plymouth Whitemarsh’s First District Crown Since 1998


This past Friday night, Plymouth Whitemarsh’s basketball team earned their first district crown since 1998! In a game against Chester, Plymouth Whitemarsh came out on top from strong defense and an outstanding performance with a final score of 68-57 at Temple’s Liacouras Center.

Down by 48-44 at the end of the third quarter, Plymouth Whitemarsh responded with Matt Walker’s three-pointer, and was highlighted by Malone’s dunk. The article mentions that Chester was most likely surprised at how intense Plymouth Whitemarsh this game. They were prepared to make an impression and their intensity and hard work paid off.

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School is located near Judd Builders’ community, The Reserve at Creekside. Enjoy all the sports news and games at the school and check out the quality education for your kids to attend!

Council Rock School District- Top Rated In The State

council rock

Council Rock School District is a highly ranked school in the Bucks County area, with various opportunities for students to learn and grow within their classes. Both Council Rock North High School and Council Rock South High School have excelled in college readiness and Council Rock North High School was even recognized by US News & World Report as one of the top high schools in the state as well as the country. This was based on state issued standardized tests and Council Rock North was ranked 13th out of the 687 high schools in Pennsylvania!

Both schools offer a variety of extra curricular activities, as do other schools in the Council Rock School District. The school district is located close to Judd Builders’ wonderful community, Poet’s Walk, for children from grades K to 12 to experience a good education.

East Penn School District in Zionsville Has Above Average Ratings

New York City, USA - March 03, 2011: Children entering school bus in the center of Vew Your City.

East Penn School District is located in east Pennsylvania and has 44.90 square miles of land area and 0.17 square miles of water area. It is ranked number 67 out of 498 in the Pennsylvania Public School Performance School District Rank and has a population of 54,571. On average, East Penn School District is much better than the state average in quality.

This school district has proved to perform above average in all subjects of all grades on standardized testing. The district has high overall rankings on its high school as well as its elementary school/middle school.

For more information, including fiscal information, teachers and more, click here.

Reviews for Berks County’s Best Schools

Books, an apple and pencils. On a white background.

Berks County has plenty of schools for kids in the area to attend! Here is a list of ratings and reviews for Berks County’s best schools to look into.

The website separates the schools into districts, then by school and gives important information including number of students and teachers, ranking, test scores, extra curricular activities, and written reviews!

Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School Has Some Of The Best Teachers In PA

plymouth-whitemarsh-high-school released its 2015 list of high schools with the best teachers throughout the nation, as well as the state of Pennsylvania. Many schools you’ll recognize, including Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School in Montgomery County, received high ranks.

Along with naming the overall best high schools, ranked the schools with the best extracurricular activities, facilities, food, outcomes, sports and more!

Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School is number 30 on the list with tons of high ratings on the categories listed above from Niche users as well as high school seniors that attended there. There 205 reviews written about Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School and have been primarily positive.

To take a look at the website for specifics including the individual reviews, click here.