Colonial School District Hosts One of Pennsylvania’s Premier High Schools

Colonial School District hosts one of Pennsylvania’s premier high schools, according to a new study. Local school, Plymouth Whitemarsh, now ranked among the top 3.5 percent of high schools in Pennsylvania and the top 5.5 percent in the nation according to the annual rankings released by US News & World Report. The magazine rates PWHS 24th in Pennsylvania among 602 public and 74 Charter schools. 

Plymouth Whitemarsh’s First District Crown Since 1998


This past Friday night, Plymouth Whitemarsh’s basketball team earned their first district crown since 1998! In a game against Chester, Plymouth Whitemarsh came out on top from strong defense and an outstanding performance with a final score of 68-57 at Temple’s Liacouras Center.

Down by 48-44 at the end of the third quarter, Plymouth Whitemarsh responded with Matt Walker’s three-pointer, and was highlighted by Malone’s dunk. The article mentions that Chester was most likely surprised at how intense Plymouth Whitemarsh this game. They were prepared to make an impression and their intensity and hard work paid off.

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School is located near Judd Builders’ community, The Reserve at Creekside. Enjoy all the sports news and games at the school and check out the quality education for your kids to attend!

Springfield Township Historical Society

springfield township historical societyThe Reserve at Creekside is located in the beautiful area of Flourtown, Montgomery County. The Springfield Township Historical Society is apart of Montgomery County and was created to research and preserve the history of Springfield Township and educating the general public of this history. It was founded in 1985 and since then has dedicated the time to focus on maintaining a record of the historically significant buildings in the area, work towards the preservation of buildings of architectural and historic merit, identify those who have significantly contributed to the township’s history and much more! This society is extremely important to acknowledge and preserve the history of the town and also educate the residents of it for years to come.

Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School Has Some Of The Best Teachers In PA

plymouth-whitemarsh-high-school released its 2015 list of high schools with the best teachers throughout the nation, as well as the state of Pennsylvania. Many schools you’ll recognize, including Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School in Montgomery County, received high ranks.

Along with naming the overall best high schools, ranked the schools with the best extracurricular activities, facilities, food, outcomes, sports and more!

Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School is number 30 on the list with tons of high ratings on the categories listed above from Niche users as well as high school seniors that attended there. There 205 reviews written about Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School and have been primarily positive.

To take a look at the website for specifics including the individual reviews, click here.

Changes Take Shape During Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Renovations

hs renovations

Just a little more than a month ago students, administrators and school board members broke ground during a ceremony at school. The high school is now undergoing renovations which will include new plumbing, new flooring, new lighting, new windows and new air conditioning throughout the building as well as a new cafeteria!

The renovations will continue until 2017 and will sure to be a huge improvement to the students experience in the future.

For the article on, click here.

Keeping the Wissahickon Creek Alive

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 1.51.47 PM

You may drive by it every day on the way to work, pick up or drop off children for after-school athletics, or you may be on your way to a yoga class or dinner in a nearby restaurant. But have you ever really stopped long enough to ask yourself, “What exactly is a ‘watershed,’ and why should I care?”

A watershed is an area of land that drains surrounding streams and tributaries to a single, larger body of water such as a creek, river or ocean. The Wissahickon Watershed consists of 64 square miles, flowing downhill to the Wissahickon Creek or one of its tributaries. Over many decades, the replacement of forests with housing and commercial development has resulted in a decrease in the amount of water that seeps into the ground.

As a result, creeks and rivers flood more often with heavy rains, bringing increased pollutants to our waterways. Whatever happens to the surrounding land in our communities affects the water quality of the creek. Protecting the Wissahickon necessitates that we all have a stake in protecting the land in this vital watershed. Read more…