Round Up of Fun DIY Projects that We Absolutely Love!

The summer is always a great time for relaxation, fun, and most of all DIY projects. If you find yourself with extra time during the summer hours, check out some of our favorite DIY projects that we absolutely love. From fun DIY outdoor games to gorgeous outdoor furniture, there is bound to be a DIY project that you’ll want to build!

DIY Daybed
Do you love relaxing outdoors? If you have a big front porch or spacious deck, why not give this DIY a try? This DIY Daybed will provide you with a go to spot whenever you want to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Get the instructions here.

DIY Modern House Address Sign
Want to spruce up your front porch but don’t know how to? Try building this DIY modern House Address Sign that will definitely make your front porch pop! Also, if you aren’t looking for a modern style, you are able to switch up the look so it’s closer to your personal style! Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative while you DIY!

DIY Backyard Dominoes
Make game night even bigger and enjoy the summer weather while it lasts with this DIY project. Build you own set of oversized dominoes that you can play in your backyard with your guests. This is sure to be a hit among your friends and might even inspire them to build a set of their own! Get the tutorial here.

DIY Deck-Top Pond
Have you always dreamed of having a pond in your backyard, but you don’t have enough space? Well now you can have you dream pond with this DIY Deck-Top Pond. Create a lovely focal point on your deck with this lovely DIY that your guests will be sure to notice!

DIY Magical Fairy Garden
Do you have any small DIY crafters on your hands? Let them help you with this fun DIY project that is adds whimsy and color to your backyard. Magical Fairy Gardens are picking up popularity among kids and adults. Create your own with your little DIYer for a fun and original day project! Get the instructions here.

DIY Raised Garden Bed
Are you looking to start a garden this summer but have limited space? Make these DIY Raised Garden Beds and start you garden right away! There are a multitude of raised garden bed designs to choose from, so pick one that will work best with the space that you have and plant away!

DIY Oversized Checker Board
Just like oversized dominoes, make your own DIY Oversized Checker Board to enjoy for years to come! This is an obvious way to entertain your guests in a fun and unique way.

DIY Crate Storage Coffee Table
Need a new coffee table to complement your family room? Check out this cool DIY Crate Storage Coffee Table design that also offers a lot of extra storage! Most families spend a majority of their time in their family rooms, so it’s important you have proper coffee table that can also keep your house organized.

DIY Kids Picnic Table and Sandbox
If you have younger kids, this DIY is the perfect project for you. Build a DIY Kids Picnic Table and Sandbox in one! That’s right! This two-in-one DIY offers a spot for kids and their friends to eat somewhere outside, while also serving as a sandbox that will offer plenty of fun.

DIY Sign/Artwork Using Vinyl Letters
Do you love DIY artwork that involves beautiful and inspiring quotes that you live your life by? Instead of buying the expensive artwork that inspires you, why not make it yourself! This DIY will help you through the steps of making a lovely sign/artwork with vinyl letters that you can show off throughout your home! Get the tutorial here.

DIY Tire Planter
Want to add some color and décor to your outdoor spaces? Grab all the supplies you need for this gorgeous DIY Tire Planter project. Not only is this project absolutely beautiful, but it also is environmentally-friendly! By reusing an old tire, build this lovely planter and use it for years to come!

DIY Outdoor Double X Bench
If you need a small and narrow bench that is also super cute, this is the DIY project for you! This bench is perfect for a small front porch or deck and you could even incorporate it into your interior design, if you so desire. The popular rustic farmhouse look of this bench is sure to make heads turn and that fact that you built it yourself will impress any guest who can’t stop admiring the piece!

Want even more DIY projects to tackle? Check out our Pinterest page! We have a whole board dedicated to DIY project that we love and that you can check out and try for yourself. Also, if you’re looking to move into a wonderful planned community, check out one of Judd Builders communities! From 55+ active adult communities to the family oriented single-family home communities all in sought after areas, there is bound to be a community that is a perfect fit for you! For more information contact us! We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have!

Fun DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Summer is the season for enjoying the outdoors. Get ready for backyard parties, picnics, kid gatherings, and lounging and spruce up your backyard with some of these fun DIY projects!

Create a Cute Bird Feeder From a Wine Bottle
Have an empty wine bottle and wood lying around? Put it to good use and create a cute and mobile bird feeder with the repurposed materials! This project is extremely dashing and a great way to spruce up your backyard. Get the detailed instructions here and have fun building!

Get Colorful with Planters
Want a unique way to add color to a corner on your deck on somewhere in your backyard? Find cool containers/planters of all different sizes and materials and plant your favorite colorful flower! Items like old milk cans, metal buckets, watering cans, and chicken feeders are all great items to use as planters. Not only are they unique, but you’ll also be repurposing them as well. Also, the best part about this DIY is that you can go to fun flea markets to find these unique planters if you don’t have any on hand!

Create Your Own Mini Backyard Pond
If you’ve always wanted a pond in your backyard but never had the space, this is the DIY project for you! This chic deck-top pond is the perfect option for pond lovers who have always wanted a pond on their property. This miniature pond is made with cedar boards, plywood, and a fountain pump and a great eye-catching piece your guests will talk about! Get the tutorial here.

Craft an Old Tire into a Planter
Not a fan of using repurposed milk cans, buckets, and water cans as planters? No problem! Check out this fun DIY planter craft repurposed from an old tire. Wrapping the tire in sisal rope and adding legs gives this tire new life and makes it the perfect planter for a bunch of colorful and inviting flowers.

Make a Fairy Garden
Want a fun project to do with your kids that is also a great decoration for your backyard? Try building a fairy garden! You can get as creative as you want with this project and create the most beautiful miniature fairy garden ever. The best part about this DIY is that the possibilities are endless. Pick supplies to make your ideal fairy garden and build away. Also, don’t forget to tell you kids to keep a lookout for any magical visitors to the garden!

Treeless Tree House
Don’t have a tree in your backyard to build a treehouse? Build a treeless treehouse instead! This fun alternative is the perfect place for your kids to relax during the spring and summer months with their friends. It also acts as a perfect getaway if they’re looking for a quite place to relax and read a book or play a game! Get the tutorial here.

Make a Fun Birdbath
This project will bring color and fun to your backyard. The best part about this DIY is that your kids will love it as well! Building a birdbath is a creative project for everyone in the family to take on. First look on Pinterest for inspiration to find a style of birdbath that you like. Then, you can begin to build based off the birdbath DIY that you chose. Make sure to check out our Pinterest page! We absolutely loved this topsy-turvy birdbath design, which adds a pop of color and whimsy to any backyard!

Looking to move into a wonderful community with quality homes? Check out all of our planned communities and find the right one for you and your family! Whether you want to live in the heart of the city or in a quiet suburb, Judd Builders has got you covered! And if you have any questions feel free to contact us! We’d love to answer any questions you have.