How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

Just like any room in the house, you want to create the perfect space for your guests to relax and feel at home. Whether it’s a family member staying for the weekend or a close friend staying for an extended amount of time, you’ll want to make sure your guest is always comfortable. You can easily create the perfect atmosphere in your guest room, with décor and helpful amenities. Here are ten tips to help you create the perfect guest room.

Pile on the Pillows
People tend to be particular about their pillows, especially the pillows they use to sleep. Keep guests happy by having a bunch of pillow options for them. Mix in fluffy and flat pillows and throw them on the bed in a nice display. Not only will this make for a good experience for your guest, but layering the bed with pillows is on trend right now.

Fresh Linens
Before any guests visit, make sure to replace the bed linens with a fresh set. Also, keep an extra set of linens in the room or linen closet, in case your guest insists on changing them before they leave!

Hooks and Hangers
Make sure to have hangers readily available in your guest room closet for your guests. They will need space to hang their coat, and potentially clothing if they are staying for an extended period of time, while they’re visiting. Also, you could easily mount hooks on the back of the door so your guests have a designated spot to tuck away their purses or car keys.

Have a Mirror
Your guests will most likely use your guest bathroom. However, if the space allows, it is always nice to add a mirror to the bedroom for your guests to use. Whether they use it to put on jewelry or touch up their makeup, it will be much appreciated!

Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers can easily add a bright and welcoming atmosphere to your guest room. If you decide to add a fresh arrangement of flowers to the guest room before your guest arrives, make sure to keep the arrangement simple. Opt for flowers that don’t have an overpowering smell or look. The simpler the better!

Leave a Sweet Treat
Like hotels, you could easily leave a sweet treat for your guests while they are staying with you. Before guests arrive, place a small box of chocolates, or another preferred sweet treat, on the bed. This tiny gesture will be a delightful surprise for your guests.

Drawer and Closet Space
If you use the guest room as storage when you don’t have visitors, remember to clear out some drawer and closet space before your guests arrive. They’ll need some space for their items during their stay and having drawer/closet space available upon their arrival will put them at ease.

Let Them Help Themselves
Hotels usually stock up their rooms with amenities like coffee or tea. You can do the same for your guests! If the guest room is big enough, place a small tea or coffee maker and some mugs on a tray. Let your guests help themselves whenever they desire, which will help them feel at home.

Provide Entertainment & WiFi Password
If you have the space in your room, add a small television on the wall. Your guests will appreciate the chance to wind down in a separate room after a long day filled with fun. Also, place a few books in the room if your guests prefer reading over television. Always make sure there are things to entertain them during their stay and give your guest the WiFi password as the get settled.

Make them Feel at Home
Instead of having your guests ask you for towels or blankets, provide them with a much-needed stash in the guest room. You can use a basket to hold the towels, robes, and extra blankets. Make sure to place it in a visible area, so they know what’s available to them right when the walk into the door!

For more tips and trick on creating the perfect guest room, click here! Your guests won’t want to leave, due to the wonderful guest room retreat you create for them!

Dress Up Your Front Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing you see before you walk into your house. Make it stand out like the rest of your home design by “dressing it up” and adding your personal style to it. There are many quick and easy ways to achieve this! Just follow some of the tips below and your front entrance will definitely make a statement!

Door Decor
You don’t have to stick to the traditional wooden door anymore! Grab some paint and add a pop of color to change your front entrance. Just make sure to choose your color carefully! Match the color to the exterior of the house, but don’t be afraid to be bold. Also, get symbolic with your color and paint it a specific color for a symbolic meaning. Paint your door red for luck, yellow for positivity, blue for calmness, and purple for open-mindedness. If you aren’t keen on the idea of painting a door, you can go another route and still be successful with your chosen door decor! There are many different types of doors to choose from so pick one that speaks volume to your unique personality. The biggest trend right now is to have a statement door, like a farmhouse or custom-built door.

Pleasant Planters
Adding planters to your front entrance is an easy way to dress up your front entrance. Placing two planters on both sides of the door creates a sense of balance and elegance. The best thing about this option is that there are endless possibilities! From different types of planters to different flowers you’ll be able to personalize you planters to your desire. Check out some of these pleasant planters for inspiration! Don’t forget to mix it up throughout the year with seasonal plants as well! Just because the weather gets colder doesn’t mean that your front entrance décor has to suffer!

Decorative Doormats
Like planters, adding doormats is an easy way to dress up your front entrance and they help keep dirt and mud out of the house. Find a cute and welcoming doormat that compliments your door color and planters. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns or color. Try to stay away from generic doormats and you’ll be sure to have a dynamic front entrance. Or if you’re up for it, you can make your own with an easy do-it-yourself doormat!

Accent Your Address
Most people overlook their address as a decorative element to their front entrance, but this is a unique way to make your front entrance stand out from the rest. Visit Pinterest for a multitude of ideas and get creative. You can get essential supplies from Home Depot or Michael’s. Whatever you do make sure to have fun with it and cater the overall design to you personal style.

Seasonal Decor
You don’t have to be limited to dressing up your front entrance once or twice a year. Have fun with it and decorate for every season! Add carved pumpkin and small haystacks for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Or add tinsel with small ornaments and Christmas lights for the holidays like this! Get creative with your decor and have fun while doing it. This can be a fun activity to look forward to and do with friends or family.

Create a DIY Headboard

Do you feel like your bedroom is lacking a little something? That you room isn’t as dynamic as you want it to be. You don’t have to redesign the whole bedroom if you feel this way. You can easily make your room more dynamic by doing simple DIY projects throughout the room!

The best place to start to make your room dynamic is with the headboard of your bed. Your bed is the main focal point of your room so by creating a new headboard could take your room to the next level. Below is a list of tips to help you through the DIY process for making a headboard.

Pick a Style/Theme
There’s most likely a style or theme to your bedroom already so you might want to stick with a similar theme. However, before you make the final decision explore the vast array of options you have. Browse on Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas. Play with different textures and colors or even fabrics. Have fun and don’t be afraid to mix and match, you might find that a different style headboard will make your room “pop.”

Get Crafty
When doing any DIY project it’s important to stay crafty throughout the whole process. You’ll never know what your craftiness will lead to, which is extremely fun and exciting. Look around your house and see what’s sitting around not being used. Those materials could become a main feature in you new headboard!

Go to Local Flea Market
If you don’t have any resources lying around your house that inspire you don’t worry, there’s an easy solution. Local flea markets are the perfect place to pick up beautiful pieces to incorporate into your headboard design. There are always a vast array of items and materials to choose from, and don’t forget different styles as well. From farmhouse chic to industrial style, going to a local flea market is a surefire way to find materials for you DIY headboard.

Revamp and Refurbish
If you don’t feel confident in your crafting skills you can easily give your existing headboard a “make over.” That’s right, you don’t have to start from scratch when making your DIY headboard! Instead, you can revamp and refurbish your existing headboard to your liking.

Build it Yourself
When creating your DIY headboard don’t be afraid to start from scratch. If you’re having trouble finding existing pieces to use you can easily build a headboard yourself. There are a multitude of helpful videos and tutorials to guide you through the process. So pick you style, design your ideal headboard, and get building!

Create an Effective Workspace at Home

Forget about cramming a small desk and metal chair into a room and calling it your office. Instead, design a home office that reflects the comfort of your own home as well as your personal style. Not only will it help you work more efficiently, but it will also enhance your work life! So here are nine tips to help you create an effective workspace that you deserve!

Paint a Color You Love
If there is a color that you absolutely love and keeps you motivated, consider painting your office with that color. However, don’t paint all the walls the same color. Think about using the color you love as a statement wall and opt for neutrals for the other walls.

Don’t Sacrifice Form From Function
Before you invest in furniture, think about your workflow. Only buy furniture that will serve you, not the other way around. Look for pieces that are beautiful and functional that will enhance your efficiency and will keep you working!

Create a Comfy Space
Your desk is for active work. However, when you need to read something or think, it’s better to sit somewhere comfy. Not only will it help break up a monotonous workday, but it will also provide a space to get creative. This is constantly overlooked for home offices, but it offers the most perks. If you have the space in your office, think about creating a comfy corner to think.

Add Greenery and Art
Bring the outside in by adding greenery to your office. Plants are known to make people happier. However, if you don’t feel like looking after a houseplant, decorate with art that you absolutely love and inspires you.

Embrace Natural Light, But Have Lamps
Don’t recreate the corporate cubical by placing your desk against a wall. Embrace natural light and place your desk near windows. However, don’t forget to have lamps in your office for the later hours. Don’t depend solely on overhead lighting; it is highly inadequate for work. So try a small table lamp that has a softer glow.

Follow Ergonomic Rules
There are a few ergonomic rules to follow that will help you stay focused and working all day. First, your computer should either be at eye level or a little below, which will combat against eye fatigue. Make sure your arms and feet have something to rest on. Your arms should be parallel to the floor while you feet should be firmly on the floor (or foot rest if you are smaller). Most importantly you should have an ergonomic chair that you’ll love sitting in. Having a chair that makes your feel comfortable all day will help you “put in the hours.”

Get Creative with Storage
Using the square footage of your home office successfully is a huge aspect of an effective workspace. Storage can often times take up a lot of space in home offices. So get creative and figure out what works best for you. Would a bookcase work better than a filing cabinet? If your home office is on the smaller side organize vertically and horizontally to conserve space. Or if you’ve turned the guest room into a home office, utilize the closet space to stay organized.

Hide Things You Don’t Want to Look At
Seeing all those unwanted cords can become an eyesore for you office. So try and hide them as much as you can so it doesn’t affect your workflow!

If you work from home constantly you’ll want to stock up on everyday office supplies that are essential to your work. This will keep you from running out to the supply store every few minutes. Also, consider having a small fridge or coffee maker in your office so you won’t have to travel too far from your work. Just remember to take a break! You don’t want to end up spending all your time in your office.

7 Home Décor Trends for 2018

With a new year, comes new design trends for your home. Although you might not want to totally redecorate your new home, you can easily incorporate some of these fun new trends into your current home design. Check out the seven home décor trends below to see how you can incorporate them into your home!

Get flashy by introducing metallic décor into your home design. Brass is back in full swing and is the perfect accent for a bathroom or kitchen. However, when working with metallic make sure it’s not too shiny! Metallic elements look best either unlacquered, rubbed, or antiqued. Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals as well. Everything doesn’t have to match perfectly in home design anymore.

Geometrics are making their way into home décor and are here to stay. Whether is the use of a geometric pattern or an upscale ornamentation, you can really bring a room to life with bold geometric shapes.

Bold Colors
Integrating bold colors in your home design will be a key trend in 2018. However, if you don’t feel comfortable painting with bold colors, you don’t have to worry. You can still stick to neutrals when you paint. Instead, incorporate the trendy, bold colors into your furniture or accent pieces. Some hot colors are royal blue, mustard yellow, orange, and ruby red. Don’t forget to check out Pantone’s color of the year either, which is sure to be used all year long.

Forget about the nightmares of wallpaper past. The new trend with wallpaper is much fresher and less fussy. Go with bold colors or geometric patterns to really capture the trend and make a statement. Also, don’t be afraid to add wallpaper in places you normally wouldn’t. Treat the bathroom or kitchen backsplash with wallpaper and you’re sure to make a statement.

Wood or Natural Materials
Bring warmth into your home design with the use of wood. However, don’t go overboard. Everything in the room shouldn’t be wood. Instead use wood as an accent and use it sparingly.

Suede and Velvet Fabric
These fabrics are making a come back in 2018 home décor trends. Use it sparingly on upholstered furniture or throw pillows to add some much needed texture and color to any room.

Books as Décor
Books aren’t just for reading anymore. Let your inner bookworm out and decorate your shelves with books. From vintage books to modern best sellers fill though shelves with a bunch of books that vary in size, shape, and color.

Definitive Guide to Different Styles of Home Decor

This style captures a carefree lifestyle by layering vibrant and colorful textiles in every room. If you’re going for this style, look for furniture with nomadic and ethnic vibes. Think Moroccan or tribal and get funky with patterns and colors and your room will start to look like a boho getaway.

You’ll have to keep up with constantly evolving interior design if you want a contemporary room design. This style depends on what is current and modern, which is why it’s always changing. As for now, a contemporary room is usually clean and unadorned. There should be a lot of exposed space to create the look.

You don’t have to be on a beachfront in order to pull of this style. Make your place look relaxed and modest and don’t over do the cliché nautical decor. Instead, opt for subtle features that nod to costal living and incorporate a lot of natural material like glass. Also, go for a light and airy color palette.

Add you own personality when decorating with an eclectic style. Borrowing from a wide rage of trends, this style can be hard to manage. Make sure when designing that you strike a balance between old and new and you’ll be golden.

If you want a warm and comfortable ambiance to come home to, this style is perfect for you. Extremely popular right now, this style is inspired by log cabins. Using distressed wood and a neutral color palette with a bright accent color will help you achieve this look. Don’t forget to make awesome arrangements with a bunch of greeneries!

On the rise, industrial home decor uses steel and distressed wood to create the perfect space. Usually accompanied by a brick walls and copper tones, this style tends to be more rustic and rugged. However, there is a range of industrial decor to choose from. Just make sure to keep raw materials exposed and have plenty of statement lighting.

Mid-century Modern
Use natural shapes and refined lines to your advantage when trying to capture a mid-century modern style. Using pieces that are highly versatile make sure to mix and match this style with more contemporary pieces of furniture in order to strike the perfect balance.

Less is more when it comes to minimalist design. This style is stripped down to the bare essentials so that the space around these elements makes a statement. Don’t use too much color either. Color will distract from the simplicity of the design. However, if you want to incorporate color add a touch of primary color with black and white.

Shabby Chic
Don’t be afraid to show wear and tear when it comes to this style. Emphasize vintage elements and use distressed wood to capture the Shabby Chic style. Make sure the surrounding space is soft and sumptuous and decorate with white or pastel colors.

Keep clutter to a minimum and a vintage interior styling will be easy to achieve. Although vintage is old fashion this style is far from that. Add vintage pieces to your room and balance them out with some modern elements. Your space can be charming, pretty, retro, or even edgy. That’s the great thing about vintage interior styling, it is extremely versatile and you can easily adapt it to your personal taste.

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home. From the outside to the inside, there are many ways to get your home festive for the holidays! Here are some ideas.

The Living Room
Making your living room feel warm and cozy can be achieved by mimicking a backyard retreat. Place a sparkling Christmas tree in front of a mantle that is adorned with fresh greenery and place a wreath above the fireplace, says Southern Living. Or you could hang hand-knit stockings on traditional nails for a rustic look, highlighted by a mantel with a stack of gifts in the fireplace, suggests Better Homes and Gardens.

If your hallway has a small table, try adding a bowl of seasonal fruits and plants. A vase with long berry twigs next to a linear display of faux red or green pears will add plenty of winter drama to your home.

Dining Room
Spruce up the centerpiece of your holiday dinners with snowflake ornaments hanging at varying lengths from the chandelier. Drape some greenery dotted with red berries and pine cones to complete the look. Spruce up the look with miniature trees placed along the table.

You understandably need to make the most of your space. Keep the décor simple and out of the way. A simple reindeer sculpture or silhouette made out of lightweight metal or twigs can really make a statement. Hang green wreaths in your kitchen windows with stems of red berry for a traditional look.

In order to welcome your guests this holiday season, your outdoor display should be just as inviting as your indoor one. Line the path to your front door with paper luminaries, but use battery-operated tea lights or LEDs within the luminaries for safety.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large porch or even a farmer’s porch, you simply must decorate for the holidays. Add some rustic aluminum containers on the corner of the steps and fill them with seasonal greens, herbs, holly berries, greens, pine cones, and red amaryllis blooms. Small faux pine trees decorated for the season can be detailed with baskets, satin ribbon, handmade ornaments.. Balance the look of your front door by placing one on each side.

It’s easier than you think to impress your guests this holiday season with simple yet beautiful home décor. Looking for a new place to call home? Contact Judd Builders about our many communities available in Pennsylvania. We invite you to come browse each one to see which best suits your style and budget.

What to Do With an Extra Space

Many people struggle when it comes to figuring out what to do with an extra space in their home. Instead of defaulting to a guest room, get creative and think about what would be beneficial to your lifestyle. Most likely an idea will come to mind, but if you’re still having trouble deciding what to do with your extra room here are eight ideas to help you fill in that extra space.

Fun Zone
A fun zone is a room where kids can escape to play with all their toys. This option is perfect for families and creates a separate space for play. Any parent would fall in love with a fun zone because the mess of toys is contained to one room. However, the best part of having a fun zone is that it’s temporary. Once the kids are grown you can reclaim the space and redecorate to your needs.

Reading Room/Library
If you’re a big reader and are always looking for a quiet place to escape and read, creating your own library or reading room is the perfect option. The best part about this option is that it is adaptable. If the extra space you have isn’t huge you can still pull off having your own little library or reading nook.

This option is perfect for the artsy type. With your extra room, create a posh art studio where you can create beautiful paintings. Or if you are more of a crafter, feel free to make the studio into a craft, sewing, or scrapbooking space.

Sleeping Room
Why would you need another sleeping room if you already have a bedroom? Well believe it or not, a sleeping room is different from a bedroom. A sleeping room is a room with no electronics. Its sole purpose is to provide a space where you can take a quick nap with no interruptions. However, it could also be used as a guest room if need be.

Home Theater
If you a big movie buff, taking your extra space and creating a home theater is the way to go. Entertain yourself and your guests for hours and get as close to the real movie theater experience in the comfort of your home. Add reclining lounge chairs, theater lighting, popcorn machine, and a projector to create the perfect atmosphere for your home theater.

Game Room
Perfect for kids and adults, a game room offers endless possibilities and is great for entertaining! Buy a card table or even a pool table and decorate the room accordingly. Also, if you have a family, feel free to add gaming consoles to the room. This provides the older kids with a space to escape to and hang out with their friends.

Home Gym
Work out in privacy and create a home gym with your extra space. Convert the room into a space that will keep you motivated so that working out isn’t a drag. Add a mirror wall, yoga mats, weight benches, treadmill, and more to create your ideal home gym.

Having a home office has many perks for the whole household. Not only do you have your own personal space to do tedious work like paying the bills, but if you work from home you also have your own designated space!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Arrange Your Furniture for Better Sleep

Everyone hates it, but everyone goes through it. Having a bad night of sleep is not only exhausting, it is downright horrible, but so many people have problems sleeping nowadays. However, there might be a quick and easy solution to help you sleep better. The answer is in your furniture. Believe it or not, the arrangement of your furniture can affect your sleeping pattern. So here are some quick tips on how to arrange your furniture so that you can get a better night’s sleep!

Have Equal Space on Each Side of the Bed
Making sure you have equal space on both sides of the bed is absolutely essential when it comes to bedroom feng shui. Having equal space creates a soothing sense of spatial balance. It’s best not to push your bed up against a wall or else an energy imbalance will disrupt your sleep. Here are some of the best bedroom layouts that have equal space on each side of the bed.

Place the Bed’s Head Against a Wall
Placing your bed’s headboard against the wall creates a sense of security, which can help you fall asleep faster. Believe it or not, the smallest noises, disruptions, and even smells can disrupt your sleep. So use your headboard to your advantage and create that extra sense of security to help you fall asleep.

Don’t Place Your Bed Against the Same Wall as the Door
Some people, depending on the size and layout of the room, can get away with not placing the bed against the same wall as the door and that’s great! When the door opens at night you will wake up on high alert because of the sudden movement and sound. When your bed is opposite of the door, you only have to lift your head to observe the reasoning behind the movement and noise. If you bed is against the door, you’ll have to rise from your bed in order to investigate what’s alarming you, which disrupts your sleep. However, if your bedroom is on the small side and you don’t have the option, that’s okay. Just place a piece of furniture between your bed and the door to create something like a barrier, which will make you feel safer and more secure.

Avoid Placing You Bed Under a Window
A window acts as a direct gateway to the outside world and your bedroom. Things like scent, wind, noise, light, shadows, movements, and animals are outside Chi (also known as outside energy or life force) that can directly affect your sleep, if your bed is directly below and window. The outside Chi can alert your senses, survival instincts, and wake you up making it hard to fall back asleep. So it’s always best practice to keep your bed away from any windows to better your sleep.

Arrange Other Furniture in the Room Accordingly
Place your bed before anything else when you are laying out your bedroom. Once you’ve found the perfect position for you bed, arrange other furniture accordingly. Don’t place any big and heavy furniture too close to your bed because it will make you feel uneasy. Also don’t place a mirror directly in front of your bed either. Any type of movement in the mirror will alert you and disrupt your sleep. There are plenty more feng shui rules to help you layout your bedroom. Find more ideas and tips on bedroom feng shui to help you sleep better. Also, check out some of these great feng shui ideas from HGTV!

Bonus: Use Soothing Colors
Don’t paint your bedroom with a bold and exciting color. Opt for more soothing colors that make you feel at ease. This will create a relaxing ambiance, making it easier for you to relax and fall asleep in your bedroom.

Also, don’t forget to turn back the clocks November 5th, 2017 for Daylight Savings and enjoy the extra hour of sleep you’ll be gaining!

5 Can’t Kill Houseplants Perfect for Any Homeowner!

Anyone who has had houseplants knows that when you go on vacation, or just forget to water them for a few days, they can start to wilt and die. They quickly go from beautiful additions to your home to sad looking eyesores. To combat against dying plants and provide a natural feeling to your home, here are five lovely houseplants that don’t need daily attention to thrive.


Big or small, succulents are easy to take care of and can be extremely beautiful. All you have to do is plant them in a suitable pot with well-draining potting mix. Find a sunny spot for them to thrive and then let them be!


Otherwise known as Mother In-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant, Sansevieria is a great accent for any room. They also happen to be one of the easiest houseplants to own. Surviving wonderfully in low sunlight, you’ll only water them once every 10 days. Some Snake Plants can grow to be four feet tall, but they will most likely only grow to about 12 inches tall.

ZZ Plant

This plant is virtually invincible, only needing to be watered every two to three weeks, the ZZ plant functions well in all levels of light except intense direct sunlight. This houseplant takes a while to grow to its full height (approximately 20 inches tall on average). If you want a low commitment plant that will still look lovely even when you’ve forgotten to take care of it, the ZZ plant is for you.


The Philodendron, otherwise known as the pothos plant, is a common houseplant because it’s easy to take care of and quite beautiful. You can leave this plant anywhere that isn’t in direct sunlight, water it once a week, and you’ll have natural home décor to brag about for the next five plus years.


One of the more well known plants on our list, Aloe can also help your sunburn when it’s fully grown. It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing succulents as well. Aloe only needs to be watered every two weeks and should be placed in generally bright sunlight for it to thrive and be happy.