Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to think about what to get your dad. Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right gift and sometimes you put so much thought into your gift that your forget the day is right around the corner! With Father’s Day this weekend, here are five great Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will definitely appreciate!

1. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker
Does you dad love coffee? This simple but effective gift is the perfect gift for any coffee-loving person. The HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker chills coffee to perfection without diluting your beverage. You don’t have to limit this gadget for just chilling coffee. Chill any sort of liquid from whiskey to wine or even water, perfect for the upcoming warm summer weather! Get this great gift along with a couple of bags of your dad’s favorite coffee beans and you’ll be set for Father’s Day!

2. Gift Box Subscription
Gift box subscriptions have been gaining popularity recently and are a great gift to give anyone. The best part about these subscriptions is that there is bound to be at least one for everyone. Do you have a nerdy dad who loves comics? There’s a box subscription for that. Does your dad love to try different grooming products? Then BirchboxMan is perfect for him! The options are endless! Do some research and find the perfect box subscription that your dad would love and you’ll have the perfect gift that lasts!

3. SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer
Does your father have a passion for golfing? Then, this is the perfect gift for him! The SKLZ Gold Flex Stength and Tempo Trainer is a great tool for any golfer to improve his swing. With this gift, your father will see great improvements on the green and his golf buddies will be sure to see the adjustments!

4. Fill-in-the-blank Dad Journal
This gift might be small, but the meaning behind it will make any dad beam with happiness! The Fill-in-the-blank Dad Journal is a little book that contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your dad is the number one dad. Complete each line and you’ll have a unique gift to give your father. This is a small gift that would pair well with another thoughtful gift, like some of your dad’s favorite things!

5. Tools
If your dad loves to build things, you can never go wrong with buying him the latest and greatest tool that he wants! However, you don’t want to buy the wrong tool, so do some research and try to figure out what your dad has been dying to have. Once you figure out, go to the closest hardware store that has it in stock or order it online and you’ll have the perfect Father’s Day gift to give this year!

Father’s Day Ideas

Arts and Crafts

Mid-adult caucasian father excitedly receives a homemade card from his daughter. The cute card could be for Father's Day, his birthday, or Valentine's Day. Card reads "I Love You Daddy". This cute parent and child are sitting at an outdoor table in the backyard. The little girl hides the card behind her back.

When deciding what to get your dad this Father’s Day, consider making something with your own two hands! Your dad will appreciate anything you get him this year, but putting effort into making him something that money can’t buy is sure to go further than that 12-pack of socks!

Alone Time

man watching Football on tv

Father’s Day is a holiday to celebrate families and being together, but everyone needs a break! Giving your dad a little time to himself to watch the game, read a book, or just take a dad nap, will be much appreciated. Alone time is the easiest gift you can give a dad, and it might be the one he uses the most.

Father’s Day Coupon


This idea is an oldie but a goodie, a handmade coupon redeemable for anything the crafter chooses! Or something the dad chooses! This one is the best way to give your dad a gift he’s sure to love. If you can never figure out what to get your dad for father’s day, you could even give him a few blank coupons for him to fill in! These adorable coupons will make his Father’s Day much more enjoyable

Dad Specific

Happy Father's Day tag and corner border of tools on rustic wood background

If your dad could be described as a sports dad, handyman dad, funny dad, or anything else you can think of, whatever your dad is, tailor your gifts that way this year. If your dad loves working in the shed building and fixing things, try a toolbox or a utility belt! If your dad loves sports, get tickets to the local sports teams and go as a family! But remember, whatever you get him, he’s sure to love.

Make Him Comfortable

father bru

Leaving dad alone on Father’s Day is surely a gift he’ll appreciate, but if you can make his alone time even more comfortable then why not! A pair of slippers, comfy pajama pants, or anything you can think of to make his leisure time even more leisurely is sure to be a hit. For an added bonus you can fill the comfy gift with his favorite snacks and other treats, like pictured above! 

Father’s Day Ideas

Child holding sign expressing love for father. Focus on sign.


Classic Card

While it might seem cliche, writing your dad a nice letter telling him how much he means to you and how much you love him goes a long way. Store bought cards work just as well as the ones you’d make when you were little. Just give him a hug and the card and he’s sure to have a great Father’s day being reminded of how much his family loves him.


Adorable Keychain

This innovative new idea is a great one for families with young children. The little ones can make a drawing for their dad, and in no time at all that drawing can be made into a usable metal keychain! For more information about this wonderful new idea visit the link provided: and click “Request a custom order” in no time at all you’ll have your own special gift your family can cherish forever.


Dad Coupons

This idea is an old one but works just about every time! This option allows a little bit of creativity, requires no money, and is sure to make everyone happy! These adorable coupons are perfect for a child who doesn’t know what to get their father. You can choose from several templates on the internet or get creative and make your own! They can make however many coupons they want to and Dad can redeem them whenever he wants! It’s a win-win and makes some beautiful memories.


Recreate Old Family Photos

This idea has already swept the internet, so why not try it out! Like in the picture above, you just need an old photo of some members of your family, and clothes that look similar to the ones in the photo. This gift is a great way to reminisce with the family and create new fun memories trying to make the photo look the same. It’s a creative way to shake things up this Father’s Day and still have the focus on family.

Father’s Day Gifts

Workers In Family Business Standing Next To Van Smiling At Camera

Quirky Dad

A Quirky Dad is a dad who likes quirky things! Whatever it might be, a love of crafts, the outdoors, cooking, fixing things, get him something this year that will help him do the things he loves! A new grill for the bbq masters, a new headlamp for the outdoor explorers, anything suited to your dads interests will be a big hit!

Cute African American father and son smiling in an outdoor park - lots of green background. Looking at camera and happy.Cute African American father and son smiling in an outdoor park - lots of green background. Playing Football

Sporty Dad

A sporty dad would love any family outing where the kids played a few games with him, so this year, make time and play together! If your family can’t play sports together, giving him a gift with his favorite teams logo on it will always go over well. If your family wants to go above and beyond, going to a local sports team’s game together will be fun, and is sure to make this father’s day a special one.

Well Dressed Man putting his wrist watch

Fashionable Dad

A Fashionable Dad is easy to shop for (and hard to come by) so if you have a Dapper Dad in your life, this year look no further! Buying your dad a good belt can change the rest of his outfits forever. Or if your dad already has a good set of belts and clothes, try a classy watch this year to help him accessorize and take his style to the next level.

Senior man talking with his adult sons in garden, close up

Funny Dad

If your dad loves to joke and laugh, we’ve got you covered this year. Making a homemade card with your own jokes is sure to be a side-splitter, but maybe the comedy gene skips a generation! Not to worry, these hilarious gift ideas are sure to get a chuckle from any dad! Share a smile with the family this year!

Shot of a father embracing his two children as he enters the house

Any Dad!

If your dad doesn’t fit into one of these categories don’t worry, we still have some great ideas that any dad would love. First, spend some time with him! Quality family time is easy to make happen, free, and is sure to be one of the more memorable gifts you can give a father. So this year, don’t stress about making a card, or buying the right gift, just tell your dad how much he means to you and spend some time together as a family. Happy Father’s Day!