How To Decorate Your Dream Bedroom

One of the most loved spaces in your home, the bedroom is a special space where peace and quiet meets comfort and relaxation. So it’s understandable that you want to decorate the bedroom of your dreams. However, there are so many design elements to juggle when designing a room that make the process difficult and hard to execute. Don’t let this stop you though; your dream bedroom is still achievable. Just follow these tips and you’ll have you dream bedroom in no time.

Find Your Style
With any room in your house you’ll want to determine your style before you begin. This step is crucial to creating your dream bedroom so feel free to take as much time as you want deciding. Make sure to stick to a personal style that you like, but don’t be afraid to explore different options as well. Just keep and open mind and design away.

Find Inspiration
One of the best ways to find your style is to find inspiration from various places. Do you have a statement headboard that you’re going to use in your room design? Use that as your inspiration for the rest of the room. Or have you seen an idea on Pinterest or someone else’s room? Don’t be afraid to pull inspiration from anywhere. Finding inspiration for your dream bedroom will not only make the design process easier, but faster as well.

Take Measurements and Create a Furniture Plan
Once you find your style and inspiration the next thing to do is take measurements to create a furniture plan. This step might not be as fun as the others, but it’s important to plan and layout your dream bedroom before you start. You never know if the bed frame you’ve been eyeing up will fit or not. So, better safe than sorry. Measure out and plan where furniture is going and you’ll never run into that problem.

Decide What to Keep, Revamp, and Buy
You don’t always need to buy everything new when it comes to decorating your dream room. Consider keeping or revamping furniture you already have. This can be a huge money saver as well as a fun side project to do while you’re designing your dream bedroom.

Select a Bed Then Add Storage Pieces
Your bed is the most important piece in your bedroom. Make sure you select the right bed frame that will inspire the rest of the room. After that, add storage pieces that will enhance the beauty of the bed frame and compliment the style you decided on.

Mix and Match
Don’t get stuck with a bed set, mix and match pieces to make your dream bedroom more dynamic. You can always opt for the bed set if that is what you prefer, but the more you mix and match furniture, patterns, and textures in your bedroom the more dynamic your bedroom will be. This goes for other accessories as well. Mix and math lighting, rugs, and window treatments

However you decided to decorate you dream bedroom is up to you. Make the experience fun and don’t forget to design for the future. If you keep some of these steps and tips in mind while designing, you’ll be sure to stay in love with your dream bedroom forever.

6 Chic Design Trends for Your Bathroom

When it comes to designing your house it’s important to design to your style. However, sometimes you hit a wall and don’t know what to do with a space. Even worse, you’re having trouble redesigning your bathroom. Bathrooms can be fairly tricky to design, but there are always new trends to experiment with that can help take your bathroom to the next level. Below are just a few design trends for your bathroom. So read on and start brainstorming how you want to redesign your bathroom!

1. Have Fun With Tiles
Forget about subway tiles, the newest bathroom design trend finds uniquely shaped tiles the trend of the future. Although the subway tile will remain a classic, experimenting with different tile shapes, sizes, and patterns will take your bathroom design to the next level. Whether you choose a colorful tile to add that pop of color or a unique shape that will set your bathroom apart from others, be sure to have fun with this trend. The options are endless. So find the perfect tile that emulates your personality and design away!

2. Experimenting With Bold Colors
It’s become commonplace for many bathrooms to be designed with neutrals, but the newest trend has many individuals designing with bold color. Although it can be frightening to work with bold colors, this isn’t an opportunity to miss on out on. Having the bold pop of color in you bathroom will make a statement. Your bathroom will go from bland to dynamic. The color doesn’t have to come from paint either. You can use tiles or even small decor found within your bathroom. However, this trend isn’t for everyone. If you prefer more muted or neutral tones than stick to what you like. There are other trends that will lend well to that color palette.

3. Vanities
Vanities are back and bigger than ever. This new trend allows you to add a bit of practicality to your bathroom by adding more storage. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can opt for a single vanity or a double vanity or even have your very own vanity dedicated to makeup. Whatever your choice don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and material. Explore the multitude of vanity options and decide whether you want a wood or metal vanity, or do you prefer a vanity painted in a statement color. When choosing a vanity keep your personal style in mind and select the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

4. Brass is Back
Although chrome and silver furnishings will always be a classic, brass is back. What once was considered outdated, brass is making its comeback in bathroom design. From sink faucets to elaborate lighting fixtures, you can now add brass to your bathroom design. However, if you don’t want to fully commit to brass try rose gold, another hot design trend.

5. Bringing The Outdoors In
This trend is perfect for those who prefer a neutral color palette when designing their bathroom. Bringing the outdoors in is in vogue. Your preferred neutral color palette will lend well to making your bathroom feel more connected to the outdoors. However, there are other ways to bring the outdoors in without using color. You can play with plant life or add wooden textures/elements to your bathroom to successfully bring this trend to life. There are also benefits to this trend as well. Not only will you have a soothing bathroom to escape to, but with all the natural elements your bathroom will also feel spa like.

6. Minimalist Designs
You’ve heard it before, less is more, and it’s absolutely true when it comes to bathroom design. The newest and most popular design trend finds homeowners renovating their bathrooms with minimalism. Designing your bathroom with only the bare essential will create a calming and open atmosphere while making a sleek statement. However, be warned, this trend can be tricky to pull off if you have smaller bathroom. Don’t try to pull off this trend if you do have a smaller bathroom. You can easily pick another trend from above instead and still have a stunning bathroom!

Different Ways to Use Wallpaper

The Reserve at Creekside Wissahickon Model Home

Many people stray away from using wallpaper in their home design. However, this 80s design trend is making a comeback in a unique and unfamiliar way. Embrace wallpaper again and check out some of these cool and different ways to use bold and trendy wallpaper in your home design.

Use it on a Single Wall
If you’re still not sold on using wallpaper in your home design, you can take it slow and start by using wallpaper as a statement on a single wall. Just like painting a wall with a bold color, using wallpaper on a single wall will give your room personality and make a statement just like any bold paint color would.

Origami Lampshade
Have leftover wallpaper and free time on your hands? Try out this cool DIY project and make your own origami lampshade out of wallpaper! That’s right, wallpaper doesn’t have to be used strictly on your walls. It’s a versatile medium, so have fun crafting and making your origami lampshade.

Wallpaper Wall Art
Wallpaper isn’t only for walls anymore. Get creative with this versatile medium and create a dynamic piece of art to hang on your walls instead! This is a surefire way to add a focal point to your room without fully committing to a single wallpapered wall.

Wallpaper Decoupage Flower Pots
Houseplants are always a great way to add liveliness to your household. However, you can add even more liveliness to your houseplants and decoupage your flowerpots and plain plant holders with wallpaper! Take the boring terracotta pots and decoupage a bold wallpaper pattern on it and you’ll be sure to make a statement with your home décor.

Line Drawers and Bookcases with Wallpaper
A nice and easy way to add whimsy and personality with wallpaper is to line the inside of your drawers and bookcases with wallpaper. Look at some of these whimsical bookcase wallpaper designs for inspiration for your own home!

Line Closets with Wallpaper
Just like lining your drawers and bookcases with wallpaper you can line your closet or armoire with wallpaper as well! This easy and simple way to make as small unassuming space in your home into a dynamic focal point! Get inspired by these closet designs.

Add Visual Interest to Your Staircase
If you’re looking to really add some personality to your home design try wallpapering the bottoms of your staircase. You could go bold and modern or sleek and sophisticated with this décor idea. Whatever you decide to do, guests will definitely take notice of your beautiful and unique design choice!

Revamp Furniture with Wallpaper
If your looking to revamp some of your furniture to make it bold and interesting use wall paper to your advantage and create some statement pieces! Have an old tabletop with a bunch of scratches and water rings? Cover it up with wallpaper and add a pop of color to your room. Check out some sophisticated wallpapered tabletops for inspiration! Don’t forget about your other furniture as well! Get inspired by these pieces of furniture that have been revamped with wallpaper!

Creating a Space for Him

Everyone needs his or her own space to retreat to once in a while. You’ve heard of man caves and lady lairs, but you don’t have to default to these standard ideas to create a space for him. Instead, think about what your spouse likes and dislikes and create the perfect space for him to retreat to and relax.

Ask Him What He Wants
If you’re unsure of what to do, don’t be afraid to ask your husband or significant other what he wants. This is a surefire way to make sure you create the perfect space for him. The best part about asking what he wants is that you get him involved! However, if you don’t know where to start, you can always start with the basics to create his retreat.

Start with Color
Color plays a huge part in every room, making it the perfect place to start. Observe your surroundings to gather inspiration and choose a particular color scheme. Keep it simple, serene, and masculine. Going the monochromatic route is a great way to guarantee a well-designed space for him.

Add Layers and Textures
If you go for a simple monochromatic color scheme, you can make the room more interesting and dynamic. Whether you add texture through wallpaper or modern geometric patterns, it’s important to add all these layers to the room. You can even add texture with artwork, wood, and fabric. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with this step and makes sure to let your spouse in on the overall design.

Add Embellishments
Embellishments are like the icing on the cake. They are absolutely essential to any room design. Embellishments tie the room together and make the space. Add molding for dimension or a rustic bookcase to add character. Also, make sure the embellishments you use go with the room. Depending on your spouses’ intention for the space, the style and embellishments should go with his overall design and plan for utilizing the room.

Let Him Take Charge
You don’t have to tackle this project by yourself. Let your man take charge and give him the freedom to create his own space in the house. Depending on his personal tastes and style, he might have a specific idea in mind. This is the best way to ensure that he creates the perfect space for him and it also gives him a project to work on, which is a great way to relax and let off steam.

Bonus: Make it a Surprise
You most likely know your partner fairly well, so you know what he would want from the space you are trying to create for him. Instead of asking him what he would like, make it a surprise and create the space yourself. Not only is this a great present, but it’s the perfect way to show him you care.

More Than Just a Laundry Room: Upgrades to Maximize Your Space

Most people find doing laundry a drag and they don’t pay any attention to their laundry room. They see it as an extra space that is a necessity for the household, but unimportant as far as rooms go in your humble abode. However, you’re missing out on utilizing your laundry room and maximizing the space for best practice. Here are seven tips to upgrade your laundry room and maximize your space to make doing the laundry more enjoyable.

1. Add a Folding Station
Take a step out of your laundry routine and add a folding station to your laundry room. This will save you time while doing laundry and help minimize wrinkles. Depending on the size of your space, you can get really creative with your folding station. If you’re tight on space create a station that folds into the wall so you save space. Or if you have a front-loading washer and dryer, add a folding station above the machines and hang a fabric skirt to hide the machines for a classic look.

2. Pick the Perfect Paint Color
Treat your laundry room like any other room in your house and decorate it to your personal style. Pick the perfect paint color that will brighten the space to make the task less dreary and more pleasant.

3. Use Hooks for Hanging
Hanging clothes as you take them out of the dryer reduces wrinkles in your clothing. To maximize your space in your laundry room, use hooks to hang your newly dried clothes. Mount hooks to a wall or get creative with this tip and try a cute DIY project where you can hang clothes from!

4. Get Creative with Shelving
Shelving to keep your room organized and maximize your space is absolutely essential for any laundry room. Depending on the size of your laundry room, you’ll have to get creative with shelving and find a way to incorporate it into the space. From wall shelving to movable freestanding shelves, there are plenty of options to choose from when adding storage space to your laundry room.

5. Keep the Design Simple
Don’t go overboard designing your laundry room. Keep the design simple, clean, and most importantly, efficient. You might not spend a lot of time in this room, but you’ll want to make sure the design you choose makes the laundry process easier on you while also being pleasing to the eye.

6. Install Curtains
Bring a sense of order and elegance to your laundry room by installing curtains. Whether it’s a vibrant pop of color or bold pattern, curtains can pull the space together and make your laundry room feel grand. Check out some of these laundry room curtain installations!

7. Add Artwork
Adding artwork to your laundry room will immediately elevate the space making it feel like a living space rather than a utility room. Make sure to decorate to your personal style so that you enjoy walking into your laundry room!

8. Add a Laundry Tub
Having a laundry tub in your laundry room is definitely beneficial and totally maximizes your space and efficiency! Having a laundry tub available is not only convenient, but has plenty of other uses as well and when you move into a Judd Builders home you won’t have to worry about if your able to have a laundry tub! Many Judd homes have the option to add a laundry tub, taking your laundry room to the next level and increasing efficiency.

How to Create a Man Cave

Deemed to be born of out necessity, the Man Cave is the perfect getaway for the man of the house. When it comes to dealing with stress it seems that men tend to fare better when they have a place to go and withdraw from everyday life. Having a room you can escape to is not only great for your health, but it gives you a room to hang with the guys during poker night. Either way, like the Lady Lair, this type of personal refuge is achievable. So start planning and use these four tips to help create your ultimate Man Cave.

A Cave Concept
First you’ll have to think about what you want out of your Man Cave. It can differ for every man so pick what you prefer from a Man Cave. Do you want to watch sports with the guys, get a flat screen and build a small bar. What about poker night? Easy, set up a killer poker table to sit around along with an awesome stereo system to blast music from. You can use this space however you want, so think long and hard about your cave concept. Also, it’s fairly popular for Man Caves to have themes. From the classic sports bar to the noir themed theater choose the concept/theme that you’ll continue to enjoy in the future.

Pick a Statement Piece for the Room
Many Man Caves have a statement piece that sets the standard for the room. It becomes direct inspiration for the overall look and design of the room. Usually it’s something unique, like a jukebox or a piece of art. However, don’t be afraid to pick pieces like a pool or poker table. These can be just as interesting as a unique statement piece. Feel free to experiment by visualizing what would work best in your space and with your concept/theme. You’d be surprised how well a single piece of furniture can pull together a room and create the perfect atmosphere.

Decorate Your Cave But Add Personal Touches
After finding your statement piece and deciding on your cave concept it’s now time to decorate your Man Cave. It’s important to stay within the theme of your Man Cave so that the concept is fully achieved. However, don’t forget to add those personal touches when decorating your Man Cave. This is what will set you Man Cave apart from others as well as make it special for you.

Reap the Rewards of Your Man Cave
Once the decorating is done that means you can reap the rewards of you very own Man Cave. So sit back and enjoy your personal sanctuary. Whether your hanging with the guys or just watching the game, be sure to enjoy the space!

6 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Paint Color

Whether you are moving into your new home or you’ve decided it’s time to redecorate, it’s always a challenge to pick a paint color for any room. Do you stick with neutrals and keep it safe or do you go for a bold and daring color? Choosing a paint color doesn’t have to be that hard. Pick a paint color with ease with these six helpful tips!

1. Start by Finding Inspiration
Before you begin the process of picking the right paint color, you’ll want to gather a lot of inspiration! Get to know your personal style and start getting inspired by photos of decorated rooms with color palettes you love! Pinterest is usually a great place to start. Create a new board and begin your search to find anything that inspires you and your home design. Once you’ve compiled your inspiration, you’ll be able to look back and begin to see what colors and styles you are drawn to!

2. Pick Your Furniture First, Then Paint Color
Believe it or not, furniture plays a huge part in picking the right paint color. Which is why you should pick your furniture before picking a paint color! When it comes to painting, most people pick the color before they choose their furniture. However, neither way is wrong! Especially if you’re only planning on repainting a furnished room, rather than painting and decorating your brand new, new construction home!

3. Stick With Neutrals
It’s known that picking a neutral paint color is the safe choice. Don’t let that stop you from avoiding color all together though! Color can enhance and room even if you do stick with a neutral color scheme. However, if you want that bold pop of color go for it! Just make sure the surrounding environment and décor is neutral. You don’t want too many things competing with one another. In this case with paint color, it’s all about balance. For bold wall color inspiration, look no further than pinterest!

4. Test Your Color Choices
Most people tend to test paint colors before they commit to them by using the testers that store provides. However, many people forget to test the paint colors against the existing furniture or fabrics in the room, as well! You can easily test out colors against fabric and furniture by using paint chips, but if you are still undecided, you can test your color on a bigger scale. All you have to do is take a poster board and paint the color in question on the board. Once it’s dry, hold it against your furniture or hang on your wall to get a better idea of what the color will look like!

5. Pick the Right Sheen
Not only are there a multitude of paint colors to choose from, but there are also different sheens of paint to choose from as well! There is Flat, Flat Enamel, Eggshell Enamel, Satin Enamel, Semi-Gloss Enamel, and Hi-Gloss Enamel. They all sound fairly similar, but they are all different finishes with different looks. If you need any help with determining what sheen of paint you want, use this helpful guideline provided by Behr!

6. Have a Color Theme Throughout Your House
It’s easier to pick a paint color when you know what will look nice with the color theme you’ve created for your house. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to paint your house one color throughout, however all the colors you pick should blend well together. Think about how rooms open into one another or if they are closed off from one another. This can be a good guide for you when you choose your paint color. If your house has an open concept you’ll want to pick a color theme that blends well as you go room to room.

How to Ensure a Timeless Design

Just like you want your dream house built to last, you also want the design to last as well. Many homeowners strive to capture their personal style however; eventually they change up their home decor. You don’t have to keep redesigning your home. Here’s how to ensure a timeless design by following these four tips!

Don’t Follow Fads
It might be difficult nowadays with a barrage of images of the latest in design, but you’ll want to stay away from the popular design trends to ensure a timeless design. Most design fads go out of style, making any home design in those trends dated. To capture a timeless design, you’ll want to stick to classic looks. Classic designs are usually simple, but sophisticated and definitely not unconventional. However, if you really want to incorporate certain design trends you can. Keep the base of the house classic and experiment with decorations to incorporate the most recent trends.

Make it Functional
Before you start designing any room you should take a step back and think about the intended use. Then, design with purpose and functionality in mind. Think logically about the placement of furniture and your design is bound to be timeless. Most of the time less is more when it comes to functionality and timeless design. Don’t choose an oversized sofa or busy patterns and spaces, you want to balance the room with furniture that fits the room perfectly. Timeless design is usually scaled, proportioned, and sensible. It should not overpower a room or seem unimportant; the design should be functional and classic.

Design with Staying Power and Traditional Design Elements
Timeless design was not created to be temporary. However, if you’re looking to achieve timeless design make sure to design with staying power. Seek out design elements that have been considered classic or traditional, which were created to last. Timeless design is actually fairly easy to achieve. Traditional design elements like style, color, and natural architectural details will help the overall design feel timeless. Some traditional design elements consist of: Neutral colors, clean lines and shapes, and natural materials like wood, cotton, and stone. With all this in mind, aim for simplicity and elegance and you’ll be sure to capture a timeless design.

Choose Quality
Quality never goes out of style. One way to ensure a timeless design is to invest in high-quality products. That even includes building materials and finishes as well, something you won’t have to worry about when you partner with Judd Builders. Here at Judd, it is our goal to build your dream home by guiding and advising you through the entire building process. With our commitment to customer satisfaction we won’t just build you a house; we’ll build you a home.

Decorating Tips For Better Sleep

Most people nowadays struggle to get the appropriate amount of sleep at night. There are a lot of elements that can cause someone to lose sleep, but there is an easy way to fall and stay asleep. The best part is that can be as easy as changing your home decor. So here are four simple decorating tips that will help you get better sleep!

Paint Soothing Colors
Color has a direct affect on people. That’s why it’s important to paint your bedroom a soothing color. It’s best not to paint your bedroom a bright color that pops because these colors tend to keep you alert and distracted, making it harder for you to fall and stay asleep. Instead, opt for cooler colors like blues, greens, or neutrals. However, don’t feel discouraged from using bright colors as accents in your decor or artwork. Subtle touches won’t overpower the room and make it difficult to sleep.

Create a Sense of Balance
A sense of balance can do wonders for your sleep patterns. Make sure to have the same amount of space on each side of you bed. The equal space creates a soothing sense of spatial balance, making it easier to sleep because you feel safe and comfortable. It’s best not to push your bed up against a wall or else an energy imbalance may disrupt your sleep. Arrange your furniture so that your bedroom has the perfect feng shui to help you sleep better.

Clear the Clutter
Don’t clutter your bedroom with extra papers, bills, and receipts. Clear the clutter and keep your bedroom clean from the chaos of everyday life. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you should keep it that way. Too much clutter in a room can cause anxiety and uneasiness, causing you to lose much needed sleep. Instead decorate with items that you absolutely love and find another place for that pesky paperwork, like a home office!

Adjust Bright Lights
Lighting is important, however, if your lights are too bright you should try adjusting them to make them dimmer. A room that is dark or has soft lighting is easier to fall asleep in. There are many steps you can take to make sure that bright lighting won’t affect your sleep pattern in the future. You could always opt to add a dimmer to your light switches so you can adjust the lighting to your liking. You could also add liners to your drapery to prevent outside light from disrupting your sleep. Or you could easily just change the watt of all your light bulbs as well. Just make sure to attain a soothing, ambient soft light so that you get better sleep.

Bonus: Clean Sheets/Linens
Clean sheets are a big help when it comes to sleeping. The freshness and cleanliness of linens will help you fall and stay asleep. Try to change your sheets once a week to keep them clean and you sleeping better!

6 Simple Steps to Painting a Room

Do you want to add color and paint to a room in your home but don’t know where to start? Or do you need to revamp a room with a fresh coat of paint? Painting doesn’t have to be difficult. Paint your room with ease with these six simple steps!

1. Prep the Room
Before you even set your brush in the paint, you’ll have to prepare your room for the painting process. First, remove all furniture from the room and place it somewhere safe so you don’t get any paint on your furniture throughout the process. If you can’t remove all of the furniture from the room, you can cover it with an old sheet or tarp you don’t care about. Next, clean the walls with a cellulose sponge, water, and minimal dish soap to remove dust and dirt from the walls. By doing this, you will remove any residue that could ruin a smooth finish. Once you’re done washing the walls tape all the trim work, doorframes, and windows so that your trim stays paint-free.

2. Prime Walls
Depending on the current color of your walls, you might have to prime your walls before you paint with the new color. Darker and bolder colors are harder to paint over. Also, if you think that you don’t have to prime the walls, think again! Primer helps the coverage and sheen of paint. Therefore, your finish coat of paint has a more uniform appearance. So if you want a high-quality paint job, don’t skip this step!

3. Cut In
You’ll want to cut in detailed areas first before painting the whole room. Usually the best brushes to cut in with are sash brushes. They are usually about 1-1/2 inches wide and cut at an angle making them ideal for cutting in around detailed areas like trim, outlets, tricky corners, or around the ceiling. Extend two or three inches out from the areas you are cutting in and keep a steady hand. This step might be the most time consuming step, but it’s the most important.

4. Use the W technique
You would think rolling paint onto a wall with a roller would be easy, but there are a lot of things that have to be taken into consideration. Depending on the type of paint you’ve chosen, you’ll want to match the nap length of the roller to the paint type to ensure a uniform paint job. When you start painting, use the “W technique.” Start in the corner of a wall and roll and W pattern on a three-by-three foot space. Continue the pattern without lifting the roller and paint three-by-three sections at a time. Also, don’t forget to keep refilling your roller with paint. You’ll want a uniform paint job so don’t spread the paint too thin, but don’t overload the roller with too much paint either.

5. Paint Trim
Once the new color is on your walls its time to paint the trim work. When the walls are finally dry, take tape and tape where the trim meets the wall. Then, paint the trim with a two-inch angled brush to make the process easier!

6. Clean Up and Enjoy!
The last step to painting a room is clean up! That’s right all you have to do after your room is painted is to clean your paint brushes. Forget about cleaning the rollers, they are relatively cheap and can be thrown out, but paint brushes can be pretty expensive, so its important clean them properly so you can use it multiple times.

Looking for a new home to move into and pick all the paint colors? Contact us today to learn about all of our wonderful communities and what Judd Builders has to offer! We’d love to hear from you and answer all of your questions!