Different Ways to Use Wallpaper

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Many people stray away from using wallpaper in their home design. However, this 80s design trend is making a comeback in a unique and unfamiliar way. Embrace wallpaper again and check out some of these cool and different ways to use bold and trendy wallpaper in your home design.

Use it on a Single Wall
If you’re still not sold on using wallpaper in your home design, you can take it slow and start by using wallpaper as a statement on a single wall. Just like painting a wall with a bold color, using wallpaper on a single wall will give your room personality and make a statement just like any bold paint color would.

Origami Lampshade
Have leftover wallpaper and free time on your hands? Try out this cool DIY project and make your own origami lampshade out of wallpaper! That’s right, wallpaper doesn’t have to be used strictly on your walls. It’s a versatile medium, so have fun crafting and making your origami lampshade.

Wallpaper Wall Art
Wallpaper isn’t only for walls anymore. Get creative with this versatile medium and create a dynamic piece of art to hang on your walls instead! This is a surefire way to add a focal point to your room without fully committing to a single wallpapered wall.

Wallpaper Decoupage Flower Pots
Houseplants are always a great way to add liveliness to your household. However, you can add even more liveliness to your houseplants and decoupage your flowerpots and plain plant holders with wallpaper! Take the boring terracotta pots and decoupage a bold wallpaper pattern on it and you’ll be sure to make a statement with your home décor.

Line Drawers and Bookcases with Wallpaper
A nice and easy way to add whimsy and personality with wallpaper is to line the inside of your drawers and bookcases with wallpaper. Look at some of these whimsical bookcase wallpaper designs for inspiration for your own home!

Line Closets with Wallpaper
Just like lining your drawers and bookcases with wallpaper you can line your closet or armoire with wallpaper as well! This easy and simple way to make as small unassuming space in your home into a dynamic focal point! Get inspired by these closet designs.

Add Visual Interest to Your Staircase
If you’re looking to really add some personality to your home design try wallpapering the bottoms of your staircase. You could go bold and modern or sleek and sophisticated with this décor idea. Whatever you decide to do, guests will definitely take notice of your beautiful and unique design choice!

Revamp Furniture with Wallpaper
If your looking to revamp some of your furniture to make it bold and interesting use wall paper to your advantage and create some statement pieces! Have an old tabletop with a bunch of scratches and water rings? Cover it up with wallpaper and add a pop of color to your room. Check out some sophisticated wallpapered tabletops for inspiration! Don’t forget about your other furniture as well! Get inspired by these pieces of furniture that have been revamped with wallpaper!

How to Create a Man Cave

Deemed to be born of out necessity, the Man Cave is the perfect getaway for the man of the house. When it comes to dealing with stress it seems that men tend to fare better when they have a place to go and withdraw from everyday life. Having a room you can escape to is not only great for your health, but it gives you a room to hang with the guys during poker night. Either way, like the Lady Lair, this type of personal refuge is achievable. So start planning and use these four tips to help create your ultimate Man Cave.

A Cave Concept
First you’ll have to think about what you want out of your Man Cave. It can differ for every man so pick what you prefer from a Man Cave. Do you want to watch sports with the guys, get a flat screen and build a small bar. What about poker night? Easy, set up a killer poker table to sit around along with an awesome stereo system to blast music from. You can use this space however you want, so think long and hard about your cave concept. Also, it’s fairly popular for Man Caves to have themes. From the classic sports bar to the noir themed theater choose the concept/theme that you’ll continue to enjoy in the future.

Pick a Statement Piece for the Room
Many Man Caves have a statement piece that sets the standard for the room. It becomes direct inspiration for the overall look and design of the room. Usually it’s something unique, like a jukebox or a piece of art. However, don’t be afraid to pick pieces like a pool or poker table. These can be just as interesting as a unique statement piece. Feel free to experiment by visualizing what would work best in your space and with your concept/theme. You’d be surprised how well a single piece of furniture can pull together a room and create the perfect atmosphere.

Decorate Your Cave But Add Personal Touches
After finding your statement piece and deciding on your cave concept it’s now time to decorate your Man Cave. It’s important to stay within the theme of your Man Cave so that the concept is fully achieved. However, don’t forget to add those personal touches when decorating your Man Cave. This is what will set you Man Cave apart from others as well as make it special for you.

Reap the Rewards of Your Man Cave
Once the decorating is done that means you can reap the rewards of you very own Man Cave. So sit back and enjoy your personal sanctuary. Whether your hanging with the guys or just watching the game, be sure to enjoy the space!

How to Ensure a Timeless Design

Just like you want your dream house built to last, you also want the design to last as well. Many homeowners strive to capture their personal style however; eventually they change up their home decor. You don’t have to keep redesigning your home. Here’s how to ensure a timeless design by following these four tips!

Don’t Follow Fads
It might be difficult nowadays with a barrage of images of the latest in design, but you’ll want to stay away from the popular design trends to ensure a timeless design. Most design fads go out of style, making any home design in those trends dated. To capture a timeless design, you’ll want to stick to classic looks. Classic designs are usually simple, but sophisticated and definitely not unconventional. However, if you really want to incorporate certain design trends you can. Keep the base of the house classic and experiment with decorations to incorporate the most recent trends.

Make it Functional
Before you start designing any room you should take a step back and think about the intended use. Then, design with purpose and functionality in mind. Think logically about the placement of furniture and your design is bound to be timeless. Most of the time less is more when it comes to functionality and timeless design. Don’t choose an oversized sofa or busy patterns and spaces, you want to balance the room with furniture that fits the room perfectly. Timeless design is usually scaled, proportioned, and sensible. It should not overpower a room or seem unimportant; the design should be functional and classic.

Design with Staying Power and Traditional Design Elements
Timeless design was not created to be temporary. However, if you’re looking to achieve timeless design make sure to design with staying power. Seek out design elements that have been considered classic or traditional, which were created to last. Timeless design is actually fairly easy to achieve. Traditional design elements like style, color, and natural architectural details will help the overall design feel timeless. Some traditional design elements consist of: Neutral colors, clean lines and shapes, and natural materials like wood, cotton, and stone. With all this in mind, aim for simplicity and elegance and you’ll be sure to capture a timeless design.

Choose Quality
Quality never goes out of style. One way to ensure a timeless design is to invest in high-quality products. That even includes building materials and finishes as well, something you won’t have to worry about when you partner with Judd Builders. Here at Judd, it is our goal to build your dream home by guiding and advising you through the entire building process. With our commitment to customer satisfaction we won’t just build you a house; we’ll build you a home.

Decorating Tips For Better Sleep

Most people nowadays struggle to get the appropriate amount of sleep at night. There are a lot of elements that can cause someone to lose sleep, but there is an easy way to fall and stay asleep. The best part is that can be as easy as changing your home decor. So here are four simple decorating tips that will help you get better sleep!

Paint Soothing Colors
Color has a direct affect on people. That’s why it’s important to paint your bedroom a soothing color. It’s best not to paint your bedroom a bright color that pops because these colors tend to keep you alert and distracted, making it harder for you to fall and stay asleep. Instead, opt for cooler colors like blues, greens, or neutrals. However, don’t feel discouraged from using bright colors as accents in your decor or artwork. Subtle touches won’t overpower the room and make it difficult to sleep.

Create a Sense of Balance
A sense of balance can do wonders for your sleep patterns. Make sure to have the same amount of space on each side of you bed. The equal space creates a soothing sense of spatial balance, making it easier to sleep because you feel safe and comfortable. It’s best not to push your bed up against a wall or else an energy imbalance may disrupt your sleep. Arrange your furniture so that your bedroom has the perfect feng shui to help you sleep better.

Clear the Clutter
Don’t clutter your bedroom with extra papers, bills, and receipts. Clear the clutter and keep your bedroom clean from the chaos of everyday life. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you should keep it that way. Too much clutter in a room can cause anxiety and uneasiness, causing you to lose much needed sleep. Instead decorate with items that you absolutely love and find another place for that pesky paperwork, like a home office!

Adjust Bright Lights
Lighting is important, however, if your lights are too bright you should try adjusting them to make them dimmer. A room that is dark or has soft lighting is easier to fall asleep in. There are many steps you can take to make sure that bright lighting won’t affect your sleep pattern in the future. You could always opt to add a dimmer to your light switches so you can adjust the lighting to your liking. You could also add liners to your drapery to prevent outside light from disrupting your sleep. Or you could easily just change the watt of all your light bulbs as well. Just make sure to attain a soothing, ambient soft light so that you get better sleep.

Bonus: Clean Sheets/Linens
Clean sheets are a big help when it comes to sleeping. The freshness and cleanliness of linens will help you fall and stay asleep. Try to change your sheets once a week to keep them clean and you sleeping better!

7 Home Décor Trends for 2018

With a new year, comes new design trends for your home. Although you might not want to totally redecorate your new home, you can easily incorporate some of these fun new trends into your current home design. Check out the seven home décor trends below to see how you can incorporate them into your home!

Get flashy by introducing metallic décor into your home design. Brass is back in full swing and is the perfect accent for a bathroom or kitchen. However, when working with metallic make sure it’s not too shiny! Metallic elements look best either unlacquered, rubbed, or antiqued. Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals as well. Everything doesn’t have to match perfectly in home design anymore.

Geometrics are making their way into home décor and are here to stay. Whether is the use of a geometric pattern or an upscale ornamentation, you can really bring a room to life with bold geometric shapes.

Bold Colors
Integrating bold colors in your home design will be a key trend in 2018. However, if you don’t feel comfortable painting with bold colors, you don’t have to worry. You can still stick to neutrals when you paint. Instead, incorporate the trendy, bold colors into your furniture or accent pieces. Some hot colors are royal blue, mustard yellow, orange, and ruby red. Don’t forget to check out Pantone’s color of the year either, which is sure to be used all year long.

Forget about the nightmares of wallpaper past. The new trend with wallpaper is much fresher and less fussy. Go with bold colors or geometric patterns to really capture the trend and make a statement. Also, don’t be afraid to add wallpaper in places you normally wouldn’t. Treat the bathroom or kitchen backsplash with wallpaper and you’re sure to make a statement.

Wood or Natural Materials
Bring warmth into your home design with the use of wood. However, don’t go overboard. Everything in the room shouldn’t be wood. Instead use wood as an accent and use it sparingly.

Suede and Velvet Fabric
These fabrics are making a come back in 2018 home décor trends. Use it sparingly on upholstered furniture or throw pillows to add some much needed texture and color to any room.

Books as Décor
Books aren’t just for reading anymore. Let your inner bookworm out and decorate your shelves with books. From vintage books to modern best sellers fill though shelves with a bunch of books that vary in size, shape, and color.

Definitive Guide to Different Styles of Home Decor

This style captures a carefree lifestyle by layering vibrant and colorful textiles in every room. If you’re going for this style, look for furniture with nomadic and ethnic vibes. Think Moroccan or tribal and get funky with patterns and colors and your room will start to look like a boho getaway.

You’ll have to keep up with constantly evolving interior design if you want a contemporary room design. This style depends on what is current and modern, which is why it’s always changing. As for now, a contemporary room is usually clean and unadorned. There should be a lot of exposed space to create the look.

You don’t have to be on a beachfront in order to pull of this style. Make your place look relaxed and modest and don’t over do the cliché nautical decor. Instead, opt for subtle features that nod to costal living and incorporate a lot of natural material like glass. Also, go for a light and airy color palette.

Add you own personality when decorating with an eclectic style. Borrowing from a wide rage of trends, this style can be hard to manage. Make sure when designing that you strike a balance between old and new and you’ll be golden.

If you want a warm and comfortable ambiance to come home to, this style is perfect for you. Extremely popular right now, this style is inspired by log cabins. Using distressed wood and a neutral color palette with a bright accent color will help you achieve this look. Don’t forget to make awesome arrangements with a bunch of greeneries!

On the rise, industrial home decor uses steel and distressed wood to create the perfect space. Usually accompanied by a brick walls and copper tones, this style tends to be more rustic and rugged. However, there is a range of industrial decor to choose from. Just make sure to keep raw materials exposed and have plenty of statement lighting.

Mid-century Modern
Use natural shapes and refined lines to your advantage when trying to capture a mid-century modern style. Using pieces that are highly versatile make sure to mix and match this style with more contemporary pieces of furniture in order to strike the perfect balance.

Less is more when it comes to minimalist design. This style is stripped down to the bare essentials so that the space around these elements makes a statement. Don’t use too much color either. Color will distract from the simplicity of the design. However, if you want to incorporate color add a touch of primary color with black and white.

Shabby Chic
Don’t be afraid to show wear and tear when it comes to this style. Emphasize vintage elements and use distressed wood to capture the Shabby Chic style. Make sure the surrounding space is soft and sumptuous and decorate with white or pastel colors.

Keep clutter to a minimum and a vintage interior styling will be easy to achieve. Although vintage is old fashion this style is far from that. Add vintage pieces to your room and balance them out with some modern elements. Your space can be charming, pretty, retro, or even edgy. That’s the great thing about vintage interior styling, it is extremely versatile and you can easily adapt it to your personal taste.

The Best Interior Paint Colors

If you are considering painting the interior of your home, you may be wondering which colors would complement your style the best. The choices you make have a lot to do with what’s called “color psychology,” with the effects of color being both subtle and significant. Colors have both physical and psychological elements that can evoke certain feelings in people young and old.

No matter which room you’re painting, a good rule of thumb is to choose one color you like from surrounding artwork, rugs, dishes, throw pillows or accessories and make that your main color. Let’s explore which colors are ideal for each room, and why.

Living Room

Soft pink: Who says pink is only for powder rooms and baby girls’ rooms? Use a soft pink or blush on your walls in the living room, offset by deep browns and earth textures, suggests House Beautiful.

Baby blue: Likewise, baby blue works well in an azure-sky type of way. This is paired nicely with neptune-blue velvet upholstered sofas and thoughtful water color paintings.

Brown: Trimmed in bright white, brown doesn’t have to be dull when offset by artwork and low-key furniture that picks up its earthy subtleties. If you’re hesitant to use such a bold color choice, then maybe use it as an accent wall in one of your rooms! It can be a bit tricky to work with, but when it’s all done – it will really make a statement in your home.

Mint green: Wall colors should never saturate the room. Strong colors can be used in some instances where the style calls for it, but most living rooms should be a place of calm. That’s where light shades of green come in, which can evoke feelings of nature.

Dining Room

Emerald green: A regal color, emerald green can be paired with silver for a truly classy and elegant look. Try accents of hand blown glass, tall vases and silver goblets.

Deep red: Red is another regal color that can be best offset by tones of dark browns and other earth-rich hues. Red can evoke rich emotions in a room, so be sure to set the tone of the room with your accent pieces. Lighten up the space with bright white chairs, and add some sparkle with a chandelier as the focal point of the room!

Yellow: With its calming effects, pale yellow also pairs well with candlelight. Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, freshness, happiness and positivity, working best in light, airy dining rooms with lots of natural light.

One color to stay away from in dining rooms is blue. Marketing research tells us that people equate blue with rotting food, which is why you don’t see too many fast food and restaurant establishments using blue in their logo.


Soft taupe: Taupe is a warm, cozy color that pairs well with light greens, pinks, and blues. Soft hues make even the smallest spaces feel serene yet luxurious, says Better Homes and Gardens.

Ash gray: Coupled with the cool tones of granite and the hue-warming color of dark wood floors, ash gray with white trim can add lots of contrast to an otherwise typical bathroom.

Are you ready to upgrade your home with a new, fresh coat of paint? Which color are you going to select to fit your design style? Or, are you looking for a new home that you can make your very own? Call Judd Builders now to find your dream home in one of our many communities.

Spooky Decor for Your Home

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll want to incorporate spooky and festive decor into your home entertaining. Living in one of Judd Builders beautiful communities, you have the opportunity to make your home shine this fall with a variety of decorations and themes. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Black Cat Pumpkins: Welcome trick-or-treaters to your door with a cute little litter of black cat pumpkins – no messy carving involved. This is a great project for you or even your kids or grandkids. Paint some small to medium pumpkins black, then add ears and whiskers crafted from black construction paper.

Garage Door Shadows: Add a neat look to your garage door’s exterior with adhesive black vinyl sheets that you easily remove when the season is over. From night scenes to bats to pumpkins and creatures, you can really get creative with these decals.

Skull & Bones: Get creepy inside your home! Purchase mini skulls from your local craft store along with fake spiders and bones (if available) and place them in varying sized vases. Arrange them on table tops or even your mantle for a spooky addition to your home.
















Source: House Beautiful

Glittery Gourds: For an indoor table scene, perhaps right by your entry way door, add some glittery, glamorous gourds and pumpkins. Choose pumpkins of varying sizes, make designs with glue (think spiders and spider webs), then sprinkle black glitter on top. You can even make black bats out of small pumpkins too and place them on your mantel or tabletop. Just paint them black and add black construction paper wings. Add googly eyes or paint them on with white paint.

Candy Corn Candles: Gather varying sizes of hurricane vases and candle holders, add thick orange pillared candles, then fill the rest halfway with candy corn all around. Voila, your porch or entryway is instantly transformed into a delight for trick-or-treaters.

 Pumpkin Display: Not all pumpkins need to be Jack-o-lanterns to be festive! Pick up some orange and white pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. Paint different patterns on them with black paint, such as a chevron print, stripes, or diamonds – whatever fits your style. Then place these pumpkins on candle holders of varying heights. You’ll have some height, texture and color to your Halloween display.

Spooky Mantel Scene: Place some black candle holders mixed with orange and white candles, add colorful pumpkins (orange and white), along with a Happy Halloween banner and you’re on your way to a classic and spooky mantel scene. Add string lights or a black spider web to add even more spook to your design. Check out some of these creative mantel scenes to get inspired.


















Source: Charmed, I’m Sure

Are you spending your first Halloween in a Judd Builders home? Looking to purchase? Contact us today for more information on the many communities we offer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Lady Lair is the New Man Cave

The Man Cave – you’ve heard the term before and you understand the concept. It has been heralded as an essential necessity for any hard-working man, but what about hard-working women? Just like men, women deserve a place to unwind and escape. That’s where the Lady Lair comes in.

Like the man of the house, the woman of the house deserves a place to call their own; where relaxation is the only thing on her to-do list. It doesn’t have to be a huge room either. It could easily be a small nook where she can put her feet up and read a book, or if she prefers a bigger space for her hobbies consider a She Shed or Babe Cave. Yes ladies, you can have it all. Your own personal refuge is achievable. So start planning and use these four tips to create your ultimate Lady Lair.

What is the Purpose of the Space?
Before starting the process of building and decorating your Lady Lair it is essential to think about the purpose of the space. Do you just want a small place to escape and read a book or do you need a bigger space for crafting or gathering with your lady friends? The size and purpose of you Lady Lair depends on its eventual use. So before starting the Lady Lair process, put some thought into what you want to get out of your personal sanctuary.

Decide Where to Put Your Lady Lair
After determining the purpose of the space you have to decide where to put your Lady Lair. If you only need a small space, find a nice little nook where you can escape. Or if you decided to go big or go home and create the ultimate Babe Cave, pick a larger space and go all out. Whatever you decide, make sure to pick the right location for your Lady Lair.

Determine How to Decorate Your Lady Lair
Decorating your Lady Lair is the fun part. Like Man Caves, your Lady Lair could take on a theme of your liking. Common themes that Lady Lairs’ adopt are craft rooms, doll houses, earthy/zen sanctuaries, personal libraries, and painting studios. However, you don’t have to go for a themed Lady Lair. You can easily design a classy space in your own personal style. When it comes to your space you design and decorate it to your liking.

Reap the Rewards of Your Very Own Lady Lair
Once your Lady Lair is complete, sit back and enjoy your very own personal sanctuary. Whether you created the space to getaway and relax or to convene with your favorite ladies there’s only one thing left to do: keep calm and stay classy.

Fall Decorating Tips

Summer is coming to a close, but the good news is that fall is right around the corner and you know what that means: apples, pumpkins, crisp air, hayrides and football. September 22nd marks the first day of fall, so here’s how you can incorporate the season into your home style.

Bring Warmth to a Large Space
You may love the look and feel of a cathedral or vaulted ceiling, however, it can get a bit chilly once the cooler months hit – not just in temperature, but in atmosphere too. Solve this problem by replacing the lightweight linen and cotton throw rugs, blankets and pillows of summer with richer, warmer fall shades and fabrics. Velvet, wool, cotton, chenille and cashmere are all good fabric choices, says HGTV. Look for bold reds, orange, mellow gourd green, mustard yellow, and various shades of beige and brown.

Dress up Your Porch
Instead of tossing a few boring pumpkins on your porch, make them picture-perfect. Gather some metallic glitter, white paint and leaves or ferns collected from the backyard. Paint the pumpkins white, then add glue to the leaves. Press them against the pumpkin in varying patterns, then sprinkle the glitter to cover the whole shape. This can also be a great activity for when the grand-kids come to visit! Besides who doesn’t love a little glitter?

If you have a farmer’s porch or even just a normal sized porch, add a rocking chair with a flannel throw for extra warmth. Place a basket of pumpkins nearby and a small rustic table to place tea on! For that basket of pumpkins, add a variety of sizes and colors to spice things up. Place a lace doily over the stem of a few pumpkins for an elegant touch.

If you’re not a fan of pumpkins, try a wire basket filled with birch firewood to adorn your front porch and complement it with a natural wooden bench, suggests Country Living.

Adorn Your Mantel
Your mantel is likely the centerpiece of your living room, making it a prime spot for decorating this fall. Add simple clear vases or mason jars with one crab apple branch in each. For even greater visual appeal, vary the heights of the vases you use. Craft some mantel accessories by stringing painted pine cones onto twine, says Better Homes and Gardens. Paint the tips of each pine cone with a hint of color like cranberry, gold or even burnt orange.

Get cozy this fall with these tips to warm up and decorate your home! And if you’re looking for a new home to get cozy in, call Judd Builders or browse our communities today. We would be happy to answer all of your questions about our many beautiful homes!