Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right gift for your mom for Mother’s Day and you might even put so much thought into it that you forget how fast the day is approaching! With Mother’s Day this weekend, here are five last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that your mom will definitely appreciate!

1. Recipe Tin Can
This gift idea is perfect for a mom that loves to try new recipes! Buying a Recipe Tin Can is a great last minute Mother’s Day gift that your mom will absolutely appreciate. However, make sure to schedule in some time to find and write down recipes to put in her new Recipe Tin Can. This can be done a day or two before Mother’s Day, making it the perfect last minute gift idea. Not only is this gift unique, but that handwritten element will give it sentimental value for your deserving mom.

2. Make Her Breakfast in Bed and Let Her Stay There
Who doesn’t appreciate breakfast in bed? This classic Mother’s Day gift is always a great gift for your kids to give to their mother. However, help you kids amp up this classic idea and have them give their mother the rest of the day off! Make lunch and dinner throughout the day and if she has any other chores planned that day finish them for her. Let her put her feet up and relax all day! She’s bound to love the gift of relaxation!

3. Mother’s Day Coupons
This gift idea is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and is a perfect gift idea for your kids to get involved in. All you have to do is make or print out Mother’s Day Coupons with various chores and put them together. Once you have that done, have your kids wrap the gift up and give it to their mother! Check out some of these Mother’s Day coupons to get some inspiration!

4. Gift Box Subscription
With a ton of different gift box subscription options, this idea is great for mothers with varying interests and hobbies! Does your mom love diving into the latest novel on the best-seller list? Or does she prefer to try out different beauty products to see what she likes? Well you’re in luck! With all the diverse options you have to choose from, you’re bound to find a subscription that will suite your mother’s interests.

5. Tasty Treats
Everybody loves a sweet treat! Instead of buying cookies or chocolates for your mother, opt to make them from scratch! Again, this is an easy last minute gift that every mother would appreciate. Get her favorite recipes, desserts or dishes, and start baking and cooking. Once everything is made, make up a lovely platter to gift your mom. If you do make a mixture of desserts and dishes, make sure to make up separate platters!

Mother’s Day Activities

Make Her Something

Smiling little girl holding pink tulip and handmade Mother's Day greeting card

While it might seem cliche to make your Mom a card on Mother’s Day, she’s sure to appreciate anything you give her, especially if you made it with your own two hands. A card from a store can be just as wonderful, but a small personal touch can make a big impression. Make the effort this year and I’m sure you and your Mom will have a lovely Mother’s Day.

Create a Getaway

Cropped shot of a senior woman painting in the parkhttp://

Creating a place for your mom to be alone can be essential to a great Mother’s Day for her. She loves you, and the whole family, but sometimes what Mom’s need most is a little alone time away from everything. Creating a space in the house, or making the backyard into her own personal sanctuary could be just the thing she needs on a day designed just for her.

Outing of Her Choice

A family is going on a bike ride through the woods while on summer vacation.

If it’s usually the kids who decide where the family outing will be, let Mom choose for once! A tip for the kids out there, when Mom chooses the activity for the day, NO COMPLAINING! Wherever it might be, a museum you find boring, a fair you don’t like, or anything else, keep the complaints to yourself and your Mom will appreciate it and enjoy a wonderful day.

Cook a Meal

Father cooking with his son

A classic Mother’s Day activity is to make your Mom breakfast in bed, and that might work! If you choose to do this one, make sure to let her sleep in later than usual before waking her up with breakfast. But don’t stop there, if your Mom is the one who does all the cooking in the household, don’t let her slave over the stove to make dinner, give her somewhere to relax and let everything be done for her. For once.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Still haven’t done your Mother’s Day shopping? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you craft, purchase, or design a Mother’s Day gift for the mom in your life that she’s sure to love.
mom coup

Mom Coupon

The mom coupon is an oldie but a goodie. This works especially well if the mom in your life is raising young children, or if you just need a great fallback. You can use any of the templates on the internet, or even the one pictured above! You can also write your own coupons and make the redeemable options something specific to your mom’s interests. Some of our favorites are coupons for, breakfast in bed, a certain amount of alone time, and cleaning or cooking so your mom doesn’t have to.

mo kit

Emergency Mom Kit

This year, try making up for all those times you gave your mom a headache with this creative gift idea. You can put anything you want inside the Emergency Mom Kit, but we suggest some Advil, for the inevitable next headache, chocolate, because who doesn’t like chocolate, and a face mask or moisturizer to help her relax on her day off. You can even put some of your Mom Coupons in there!

Woman on picnic pouring juice for her child

Scavenger Hunt

A Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is a way to make this Mother’s Day memorable and certainly more fun. You can design the scavenger hunt however you want, but here are some of our ideas. You can buy, or make, several small gifts for her and hide them throughout the house, giving hints about where the others are, leading her to her big present. Or you can place hints around the house that lead your mom outside for a lovely picnic, or whatever activity you have planned for her!
mom postits


Tiny reminders written on post-it notes, or whatever you see fit, and are an adorable way of showing the mother in your life why she’s so wonderful. These reminders can act as a perfect supplemental gift that can keep on giving long after Mother’s Day. Writing things like, “We love you!” or, “You’re the best mom ever!” on small post-it notes and hiding them around the house will brighten up your mom’s day whenever she stumbles across them. Be sure to hide them in places she uses a lot so she can find your kind words!

Mother’s Day Ideas

Making a gift box by the child. Children's art project. DIY concept. Step-by-step photo instruction. Step 7. Child ties up a bow on the box


Some homemade artwork is a surefire way for your mom to love whatever you give her this Mother’s Day. This can be a drawing of her, or of the whole family together, anything you want! While homemade gifts are very popular among younger children, don’t be afraid to get crafty even if you’re older! A great idea for all sizes of families is to get everyone to contribute something artistic to one project. Having something beautiful that all of her favorite people worked on, is sure to bring a smile to her face anytime she sees it.

Teenage girl is visiting her grandmohter at home

Personal Touch

Whatever you decide to give your Mom this Mother’s Day, make sure it has a personal feel to it. Whether you buy her a present, make her something, or take her somewhere, be sure to add a personal touch that really shows how much she means to you. This can be, a heartfelt card, telling her something you want to thank her for, or just a long hug. Whatever it is, make sure your present isn’t the only gift this weekend. While chocolate and cards go a long way, feeling appreciated goes even further.



Reminiscing about fond memories is a Mother’s Day past-time, so this year, don’t let Mom be the one to bring up the good memories. Writing down some fond memories and collecting them in a creative way is a great gift that only requires a pen and some colorful paper. Having everyone in the family write down a few of their favorite memories with Mom is a great way to start some fun conversation, and remind your Mom why she’s so special. These memories can go in a homemade scrapbook, scattered through the house for your Mom to find, and even as a “memory link” as pictured above.

a woman sits on a sofa with her digital tablet and catches up with some streaming entertainment or possible reading an e-book

Give Her a Break!

A lot of times, the best thing for a busy Mom on Mother’s Day is some time off from mothering. So this Sunday, make sure to give her some time to rest. One of the best ways to do this is to take care of her usual daily tasks before she has a chance to start them. Make sure there are no dishes for her to do throughout the day, make sure someone besides her is cooking and cleaning up after everyone, and make sure someone else is dealing with the kid’s drama!